Waiting to go to the dentist. Cleaning every six months. Yesterday, finished taxes and filed. Owe about five hundred. Dorothea had a couple of things that she wanted to check into; one was the state property tax rebate; the other was an educator credit from the state. We worked on the property tax thing together. We are very far away from being eligible for that. We looked for the educator credit but didn’t find it. She wants now to take our return to a tax person and see what they think.

Yesterday Dorothea didn’t work because it was Holy Monday. I didn’t know any of that until I was going to call a neighbor about watching Liam after school because I am oncall this week. There are so many little weird twists and adjustments to life.
I went to the YWCA yesterday. Did the elliptical trainer for about twenty minutes and the sauna. There was quite a crowd in there. Bill the aerobics instructor, another older woman and an older man. The woman was talking about the catering business she has. The man about technology jobs moving oversees, ironically.
And that led me to thinking about how the bureaucracy at the bank creates this sort of bubble that has worked to my benefit. Like this: my job is to centralize and standardize processes. At some point, if I and the people I work with are successful, our jobs will go away.
But for the six years that I have been at the bank, other groups have successfully fought or at least dragged their feet. At the time, this seemed like a hassle, an impendiment. But now it seems like a blessing in disuguise.
That bureaucratic bubble may have already burst, however. The top technology had a meeting last month with his reports and told them something like either get with the program or leave. Some have left. Of course he can only tell that to the technology folks; the other groups may continue to resist.
I am shopping for a stationary exercise bicycle. I have this idea that while I am sitting around the house, I could be sitting around the house pedaling. Dorothea went with me to the Sears on Rice Street. We couldn’t have done that except that it was the first time that we left Madeline as a babysitter for Liam. That went well. I have great hopes. Was going to use that on Monday to go to Tai Chi, though Dorothea was home.
So that is the babysitting thing and the bicycle thing.