Beautiful spring day

And the children are downstairs watching TV. Oh well. Liam was outside playing 500 with the boys across the street, and Madeline had her Girl Scout meeting. So I don’t mind if they take a break.

Plus I was just putting the finishing touches on using Movable Type for my group at work. I have been struggling trying to get a program called blosxom to work. Then, in frustration I went back to read the Movable Type license–and misread it actually–concerning limited commercial use. I thought my category of limited commercial use was free; alas, after two days work getting it to work on a server in the lab at work, I now understand that there is a fee for limited commercial use, but am not sure how much it is. Have my fingers crossed.
I am in a state of not recovered yet from the disruption of the trip, the time change, and spring in general. Yesterday day was my “day off” after work in that Dorothea took the kids to their violin lesson. I fell asleep watching the News Hour, took a bath, and read the New Yorker in bed. Just about a perfect evening for me.
But I had hoped that I would be rested enough to get up and go to the Y this morning, something that I haven’t had the energy for since coming back from Seattle. I didn’ t make it. I have gotten in a nice walk every day this week at lunchtime though. I think that has helped a lot.