Ralph’s Grocery and Deli

After thirty-six hours and two nights in the family sleeper car; breakfast, lunch, dinner, and breakfast again in the dining car; and 1800 miles of Amtrak that Liam did entirely in his pajamas, we’re here in Seattle. Our room at the Westin is spectacular.
We’re decompressing from the trip and getting ourselves oriented. After the pool (it isn’t a vacation for Madeline and Liam unless the hotel has a pool), we went over to the Bank of America building (Dorothea’s request) and went up to the 73rd floor observation deck.
I am at Ralph’s Grocery & Deli (the link to which is really for Lost in Seattle)–but it is of note to me because it is the first place where I have been able to sit down somewhere and get hooked up to a wireless internet connectioin.
We’re here until the train leaves on Tuesday afternoon. The only plans that we have so far are to do the Boeing tour on Monday afternoon.

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  1. thanks for the train invitation. It was good and now I am exhausted.. I needed to fast for a day to breathe and then restart my energy tomorrow. Peace my friend. dorothea

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