Train trip today

Today is the day of the trip to Seattle. Today spring has come suddenly. Today today. It is early morning, the sun is up, cardinals trill. Everyone else is still in bed. Showered, shaved, fed, thinking that I should get something in the blog and drawing a bit of a blank. Coffee. Ah-ha. That should help.
Or maybe not. A little Traimcinolone 0.1% cream for the hands. My hands had gotten bad with dry, scaley red itchy on the fingers and where the fingers join the palm, where’s ducks have webs. I got the atomic bomb version of cortisone cream in January and have been using this lesser version since. Plus I have used only Dove soap since February.

So the original areas have cleared up, other areas of redness and itchy dryness are cropping up on my palms and the duck web area by my thumbs. So it is as if there is something that has retreated and renewed it’s attack in another area. Whatever the root cause is had not been fixed.
Packing, stopping the paper, turning off the water, packing strategies. Last night was the last time I will be in my beloved bed for eight nights.
Well so much for trying to writing and publish in the morning.
I hope to post during the trip.

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  1. Hope you have a good trip. Will be anxious to hear about your adventure and that you will be able to write while you are travelling. Oops, I forgot. I leave for Minnesota on Friday morning so will have to check your blog when I get back. Don’t think I will have access to a computer at Mom’s place. Would be nice if they had a little computer room for the residents. I should have an interesting weekend as well. We can trade information when we both are back home. Have fun and enjoy Seattle.

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