On Saturday night, Dorothea painted a henna tattoo on my foot, in the spirit of the sisters painting Henna tattoos on themselves the Saturday before. I didn’t think that she’d be able to do it. I have very touchy feet–even when I touch them, they jerk. Put it worked out. The lotus flower that she painted she modeled after the real tattoo of a lotus that she has on her left foot. She got it fourteen years ago, not to long before we got married. Both the real and the henna tattoo are cool things.

Saturday morning and part of Saturday afternoon I worked on this project that I start at work. It is to use blosxom as a blog with my coworkers. But is unauthorized, on-the-side, on spec.
And I am running out of time. We’ve waiting around for two-three months for management to make a big decision and now they’ve made it, so we’re off to the races soon. The thing is that I am not done, and that I feel obsessed with finishing. And I am close.
But I got it into my head that I would have time to work on it Sunday evening, having forgotten that Dorothea had gotten tickets to see Amy Tan and that I had said that I wanted to go. So when Sunday morning it was brought back to my attention about Amy Tan, I crumbled and went into a tizzy. I asked Dorothea if I could beg off. That was a bad idea. It did not go well.
Then we drove to my mom’s. So we had an hour-and-a-half in the car to revel in the newly created bad feelings. I guess the revelation for was that I was trapped by my obsession. I couldn’t let it go.
D.’s sister M. went with her. I stayed home that evening with the children. I tried to work on my blog thingy, but slow connections and other problems just made it unbearable. So that is when I reached the point that I could let it go. I just don’t turn on a dime.
Then today when I went to work I was cleared of mind enough that I put in a good five hours getting most of structure done for a web/database questionnaire for service level agreements for new client groups.
Got a call from across the street where Liam was playing after school with a request for him and his buddy to come over to our house. They came over. Then another call?could he stay for dinner? He did. The cool thing is that he likes to eat. And I happened to make a real meal?as per suggested in a note by my dietician Dorothea, I was making meatloaf, green beans, and rice. So both Madeline and the boy from across the street really liked it. That took the edge off Liam?s pickiness. (He ate rice.) It is a lot more fun cooking for those who like what you cook.