The man from Iran is in the sauna

The man from Iran was in the sauna today. He is unique in that he?ll talk, you can have a conversation with him, and he doesn?t have that Midwestern, Minnesota cold standoffishness?because he?s from somewhere else?Iran.

Anyway, when he came in, there was already this woman in there, sitting as close as she could to the stove, and hence blocking the way to any other spots on the bench. She?d grudgingly moved when I came in, and did so again. The other odd thing is that she was wearing a towel wrapped about her body. Not too far-fetched for a sauna, but people are usually in their swimsuits or gym clothes.
She got up to leave, and her towel started to come off as she went through the door. I got up to close the door because she didn?t, and I said ?I think that all she?s wearing is that towel.? And he said ?I think that is why she left. Wardrobe malfunction.? Except I didn?t quite catch the last part, and asked him to repeat it. Then I thought it was even cuter because of his accent and delivery.
Asked him some questions about Iran?the recent elections, the earthquake. Not too forthcoming, or perhaps there just isn?t much to say. But I thought as I talked to him that I had to kind of adjust my outlook or questions. Realized that it was more important for me to hear what he had to say then to react to it or get my point across.