Sauna Jazz Guitar

The sauna at the Y is back in action. Two guys in there?the retired sheet metal contractor and the swimmer guy with the faded swim trunks.

They were talking about chlorine when I came in. And I remember having the same conversation with the swimmer guy awhile ago. Wondering if the bleach in the water of the pool was bad for you (probably) or might be good for you, on the outside anyway, like putting hydrogen peroxide on a cut. Don?t know about the inside.
Mention of ?the inside? I took as a segue and mentioned the frog dissection sight I saw on Dave Barry?s blog. Which he was interested in, said it could be good for kids, and asked me to repeat the name. Then he went on this little tirade about technologies and distractions. Mentions that he is a guitar player, that he gets a magazine called Improvisation, something like that. In there is an article about diversions, how easily we can become overwhelmed, how all Abe Lincoln had was reading a book.
I told him about seeing Dean Magraw playing last Sunday. He acknowledged what a great player Dean is, and talked syncopation, diatonic, microtone. Told me that his idol, Pat Martino, will be playing at the Dakota in March.