Took Madeline to her basketball

Took Madeline to her basketball game. There are two left on the schedule. She’s improving, running up and down and court better, getting the ball, taking and making shots.
Her team lost a close one–17-14. Afterwards, she was bummed that she didn’t get to play as much as the other “5” — I suspect that this means center–on the team. But I actually find that encouraging, that she is still in there and interested.
There are two girls, guards that always come up the court with the ball. The one always goes around to the right, gets trapped down in the corner, and losses the ball. The other girl does a great job working her way into the basket, right down the middle. It is like she sloloming around the other players; she keeps the ball too low to the ground for them to even get it. But she never passes. Once in awhile she’ll get a basket; but usually it ends up that there is a rugby-style scrum and the other team comes up with the ball.
Mimi is the other “5” (center) on the team. She is a bit taller than Madeline, and just plain bigger and more athletic. She’s great on defense and often steals the ball or gets the rebound. She doesn’t dribble, but she does shoot. She almost always misses, but her shots have been getting closer every week, and finally this week she made a shot. I was screaming.
This is the right level for my athletic intelligence–5th and 6th grade girls. They already play way better than I every could.