Liam was all wound up

Liam was all wound up last night because he planned on a “big day” today. Primary is that his class is going to see Circus Juventas. We’ve gone a couple of times as a family to their performances. It really is amazing and cute what children can do. And it’s library day. And for the first time he’s taking his violin for the school violin lessons. I hope that works out well.
The web says -13 degrees and on the porch the thermometer is -5. So his violin will get cold on the way to the school bus. It is so cold outside that car tires are make that certain slow, cold, loud crunching noise as cars are parking.
I couldn’t find my glasses this morning. M. couldn’t find hers yesterday. Karmic justice for having chided/teased her? Found mine in Liam’s room. When I went to put him to bed, I actually was ready to fall asleep.
Putting the children on the school bus lets me see what they’re doing in the morning, which I usually don’t do. M. has to find her glasses (D. found them later yesterday–M. and I looking for something, not a good combination), L.: hat, mittens, snowpants, boots, shoes, and on and on. He is actually very good about it. Much better than I am at remember to take my pills, put on my hand cream, get my badge, wallet, pager, pen, palm pilot, whatever. (And glasses.) I have forgotten all of those things.

Here’s a great reason to blog: yesterday a long lost friend left a comment and suggested 4H for L. Ramsey County Extension Service is the link. What a great idea. Hopefully I will be looking into this. Comments are welcome!