Still on dialup. Called Earthlink

Still on dialup. Called Earthlink again on Monday, seven days after they said they were going to overnight me a replacement for the defective modem they originally sent. Right back to square one; it’ll arrive in “5-7 days.” Reminds me of the scene in Harry Potter where they are stuck in the vines; the more they struggle, the longer it’ll take them to get out.
This is the third morning that Dorothea is working, and I am atypically home with the children. Liam, when he wakes up, asks me why I’m not still in bed. He said that he usually gets in bed with his mom in the morning and she reads to him. And I am doing this instead.
Several times, he has come up to me with a section of the morning newspaper, saying “this is cool!” or asking “what’s this?” or reading aheadline or caption. One was a picture of a huge dredge at a phosphate mine in Florida; another was a picture of pennies that kids have stuck in the walls of the Winter Carnival ice castle.
Last night Madeline counted how many boxes of cookies she’s sold (51). I have 17 entries in my blog email group.