Heard reports from people that

Heard reports from people that the Comments weren’t working, so just finished re-doing my blog template. Think they should be working now.
Have added more people to my notification email list, and have gotten some responses back from some of them.
Don’t know how valid the comparison is, but thought of blogging as akin to ham radio. made me think of our old neighbor Harry.
When we used to live in Little Falls, we had a neighbor, Harry, who was a ham radio enthusiast. That was 1994 to1998 that we were neighbors. He’s 90 years old this year. By the time we met, Harry was legally blind. He’d back the car out of the garage, but then Louis would drive. He’d mow the lawn with his LawnBoy, and go over and over the same spots cause he couldn’t tell if he’d mowed there before. And he’d miss big chunks. Pretty soon after we moved in, he gave up on cutting the grass and hired a neighbor kid to do it for him.
Anyway, Harry got interested in ham radio in the 1930s, got his ham license when you had to know morse code to pass the test. Was a radio operator in Novia Scotia during World War II, and that’s where he met Louis. Was just thinking what a great choice of a hobby that turned out to be for him. This writing stuff wouldn’t work.
Blogging and hamming seem similar as in a way to keep in touch with people.
Hopefully, now that comments work (and will keep working!) people can communicate back, too.