Home. The bedroom. The freshly

Home. The bedroom. The freshly painted bedroom. Dorothea is back from her cross country skiing with her sisters. Madeline and Liam helped out a lot with painting. Madeline especially was actually useful. Liam has gotten a good start. He needs to think of a paintbrush as a brush rather than a hammer, but he’ll get it.
Got a call from Liam’s Sunday school teacher around nine o’clock this morning about the sledding party I had forgotten about. My back was really sore last night, though felt better in the morning. Painting was harsh on it. Then the thought of adding sledding on top of the painting was not appealing. But a real life something to do. Good thing that he called or I would have completely missed it. I was totally focused on painting. And a good thing that we went. There weren’t many others there. And we had fun.
I always smile when I see it snowing (unless it is April. Well okay, there are other times when snow doesn’t make me smile. Snowing often makes me smile?)
And I always smile when I see the moon for the first time in the lunar cycle. Even the second or third . . .
I see a connection to the people in my blog email list that are accumulated just as M. and her cookie orders are accumulated for her. Don’t suppose that people want to be compared to boxes of Girls Scout cookies. And am not even sure what the comparison means. Just putting it out there.