Girl Scout cookie season is

Girl Scout cookie season is in full swing. M. is interested in selling 150 boxes this year. It is all such a weird concept.
Last year, M. sold 100 boxes, and my co-worker’s daughter, who M. has met from their both coming to “Bring Your Daugther to Work Days,” she sold 150. Her marketing, a la her father, was pretty over the top and cute. He set out on the wardrobe of his cube a picture of his daughter in her GS uniform in a frame that she made as a project. Killer marketing.
But GS has been very good to M., and I do like the organization. Much better than Boy Scouts. I tried that last year with L., just didn’t like it, and couldn’t make myself do it again this year. With GS, it is hard not to image that many of the professionals–the camp leaders, counselors, administrators–are lesbians, and that is fine. BS, holy smokes.
And BS seems always to be affiliated with churches, which I am not. So another thing that works well with M. and GS is that her group is her school peers, and that just isn’t happening for L. Go to some other church-related BS group, and all the other kids there (mostly) are school chums and L. is outsider. Oh well.
Of the seven people in my group at work, three of us have daughters in GS. So most people by a box or so from each of us.