Took the van to gas

Took the van to gas it up for Dorothea and her sister trip. It was snowing pretty good, looks like we’ll get an accumulation, so washing the van didn’t make sense. Tried checking the air pressure at two different gas stations, neither of which had air pumps that worked. The first gas station had a car wash but no vacuum. I gave up. That is about the level that I give up.
Leaving the minivan at home, I drove to Nina?s in the Honda Civic. Wow does it handle poorly in snow. It has very poor traction on the snowy streets. Seems like for a good portion of the drive the steering wheel was turned ninety degrees to the left or right just to keep going straight. Kind of fun but kind of dangerous.
At Nina?s. Streetlights just turned off, 21A pulled up. The snow outside blowing even more fiercely, and then there was a guy outside the window on the sidewalk, looked like he was pouring out a container full of snow. Turns out he had one of those blower things like people use for leaves in the fall.
At the Highland Grill for lunch. Al, Jim, and I met Amy there. Jim was the master of ceremonies and interviewed Amy. He finished his meal; she was last because she was talking, answering questions. Definite political tilt, anti-Bush. Very much unlike my coworkers. Amy says she got the Rookie of the Year Award at her real estate office last year. So things seem to be going well.
Computers at work just keep getting the blaster virus. It seems some peoples’ sole purpose in life now is to go around and fix machines that have it. So when I see a particular young LAN Admin, I think he?s after me because one of my computers in the lab is infected.
Low carb diet is really catching on with coworkers. At the Highland Grill, Al had a meal that was essentially steak and salad. Another coworker, who is really big ? like 6?5?? and, as it turns out, 270, said yesterday that he?s lost fifteen. But then looking at the front page of the food section of the Pioneer Press on the table in front of me and the feature is about slow cookers–potatoes and oatmeal are featured.
Talked to my sister and she said that her son already made the reservations for us at the Westin in Seattle. We’re in. Should be really nice. Dorothea is having trouble with it all though. She is cheap by nature, and this vacation thing, which is not shaping up as chearp, is hard.
Forgot–didn’t take my pills or put on the cortisone hand cream this morning before leaving home. Oh well. The pills are Lexapro, a Prozac relative, and two Shaklee things–Vita Lea (multi-vitamin) and a cholesterol helper outer. Don’t know how either of the Shaklees are working. The antidepressant thing has been great, much better than just being depressed and anxious most of my life.