iPhone app, Facebook app

I have a new account on LivingDot and have WordPress installed. I see that I should be able to import my Blogger and Moveabletype posts. That is encouraging.

I am writing this on my iPhone using the WP app. This is intended as a narrative of me trying to integrate WB with FB.

WPBook is the thing. open parenthesis

Looks like I gotta set up a WebDAV folder.

Done and waiting for file copy to complete. The it is back to setting up the FB app.

Hmmm. Some of his settings don’t seem to match up with what is on FB. Maybe FB has changed.

It appears that I have the wpbook plugin configured on my blog,
And that I have a FB app created. But not sure what is next. And just at this point, Dorothea appears and I am to help her with her finance paper. Coffee is on. To the shower.