200312230730 Nina’s. Christmas is upon

200312230730 Nina’s. Christmas is upon us. I am done shopping. that may not sound too impressive given it is the 23rd, but for me it is pretty good. I am taking a half day of vacation today if I can; I think John, my co-worker for whom I am backup on a project, is the only one who would object. (Turned out that today was sign-off for system code to UAT, so I didn?t even bring up the vacation idea; we were in fact uploading code in the early afternoon.)
Yesterday I over-slept and missed my 7:15 am training appointment. That might be directly attributable to the three martinis that I drank the night before during the solstice party. And then it wasn’t until this morning that I realized that I had built my computer desk right through the Thai Chi chub going to The Lord of the Rings. I did make my pysch appointment. Saw Keller yesterday. Should think about getting my prescription from a GP, so says Dorothea.
My hands are pretty raw, mostly from the screw driver. (That was me assembling the particle board computer desk for downstairs.) My fingers are more sensitive than usual to the heat of the coffee cup. Street lights just turned off. I love looking that the people in the 21A as it stops here at the corner. I am getting hunger which usually means that I will be leaving soon.
The guy behind me, old (how old?) thin, unshaven, dirty old jacket, torn, too lightweight for any serious cold, hole in his back pocket, is trying to bum a cigarette, “nice computer where’d you get that?” of the Palm and keyboard, and from someone else too, “no man, I don’t got one.” He seems too close, coughing once in awhile, sniffling, though he is not too close. I can see my reflection and his in the window, him at the high table behind me. He?d get nervous, start pacing around the coffee shop. Later in the day my coworker Jim?s comings and goings kind of reminded me of him.
Went and got my glasses fixed and returned the loaner clip-ons to Pearl; Dorothea had found the clips that I had lost, found them in the oven drawer, so I didn’t need new ones. Took Liam and Anders to National Camera with me. The store had a brush that I am hoping will take off the dust from the slides that I want to scan. Waiting for Earthlink. The assembly of that computer desk but a crimp in my schedule.