200312150905 Louisiana Cafe. I have

200312150905 Louisiana Cafe. I have the day off from work. I am taking the reast of the Mondays for the year off to use up my vacation. I am here after going to the YWCA.
Just realized that I forgot to specific decaf. I am so decaffeinated now that the last time I had regular I spontaneously did the little project of putting up hook on the basement steps wall to hang backpacks. Maybe today will be skiing. I see that the headlines are screaming today. Saddam in U.S. custody. Talked to Ron the maintenance guy at the Y about the hot tub today. He doesn’t know why but the water temperature is either one hundred degrees (not hot enough) or one hundred and ten (scalding.) They’re cleaning pipes, filters. The tub is drained. Some of their instrumentation is old, he said, and they are in the process of replacing it. Time for a fundraiser for the boiler room? Not quite, he said.
The other day in the sauna during a conversation about the very same hot tub temperature fluctuation issue, a water aerobics lady mentioned that maybe it would have been wiser to have spent on the boiler the loans and grants the Y had just put into remodeling and easier sell, sexier stuff, like the all new Cybex equipment. But Ron is like Scottie on Star Trek. He’ll fix it, even if it takes duct tape and string.
I have to work on my job evaluation today. I need my planner for that. I will have to go in to work probably tonight. I can work on it some before though too.
The Louisiana Cafe is where I first saw the framed collection of colorized postcards depicting Saint Paul circa 1915. One of those postcards was a picture of a streetcar going across the Fort Smelling bridge. There are also large format framed color photos of barge details. (18 inches by 24?) And that is reminiscent of the party that we had at the No Wake Cafe after we got married. And now, except for Dorothea’s family and one other person from the No Wake that Dorothea has stayed in contact with, we no longer have connection with any of those people. I don’t anyway. Poignant.