“Some Kind of Possible” as

“Some Kind of Possible” as a title came to me this morning while I was walking at the mall and during the drive home. I was listening to Fresh Air on my Audible Otis player. Al Green was being replayed from this past Thanksgiving 2003. He said to Terri Gross that as a school kid he was pegged as ?some kind of vert?; Introvert, I think, was the implication. And that made me think of the British standup comedian, the transvestite, who would like to be just a vestite.
Then next They Might be Giants are talking to Terri about theichildren’sns book and a song that has the lyrics ?I?m Possible?; That really stuck with me. I am possible, I am here, and if some makes some other argument, well, obviously they are wrong. So I put them together and some kind of vert and I?m possible becomes some kind on possible.
So I get home and I google some kind of possible and the first thing that comes up has a reference to klonopin. I am looking that up right now. And the first thing that comes up for klonopin is that you can order it from home. How convenient.
I am also quite interested in blogging as it relates to privacy and anonymity. Hopefully I will get back to that.
Here is a partial list of what came up with ?some kind of possible?:
Analysis, computation;
Klonopin dream
Metallurgy network
Or mostly sloppy grammar, thinking, doomsday, end of the world or scientific shtick. On to the blog and privacy.
So I want to rename my blog sight or start a new one.
So the kernel is the beginning of the blog; everything else is backward. It is almost like writing fiction in that I don?t want any real names or place names.