This is a little weird

This is a little weird because this is before my “first” posting. But I am filling in with things that I had written in my Palm before I posted to the blog the first. Does that make sense? And as I go through, I am editing and adding and taking away things. So–it’s the morning and I am at the coffee shop after working out at the Y. Started Atkins fat fast–went to Lund’s yesterday and bought the stuff. D. is not pregnant.
Whoa– say what? She had gone in for a check up and was told she had an enlarged uterus. She is going in for an ultrasound on Monday. Fibroids, she’s thinking. I don’t really know what that means. But the doctor said, oh, wait a minute, we can’t do these procedures if you are pregnant. Are you? Have you had your period? Hmm. Pregnancy test time.
This is really shocking (yes, shocking) because I have been fixed. Had a vasectomy two years after Liam. And that started me thinking about my mom’s mom being 40 when my mom was born, and my dad’s parents having a child in their forties and my oldest brother having a child when he was in his forties.
We’ve broken the curse. The pregnancy test was negative. It seems lighter out today. The sun may already be rising earlier in the morning. Have to remember to check on that.
Hungry again. Did the treadmill. Walking is abot half of what the ellipt is as to calories. Went to Kerri’s doctoial violin recital last night. Got in for the second half. All pieces by twentieth century women. There was an accompaniast and the piece was listenable. Very fun. The University orchestra was doing the firebird at 7:30. I was able to retreat last night about seven. That was good. So pretty much everyday this week I have gotten out in the morning.