200312110725 Nina’s. Billy is in

200312110725 Nina’s. Billy is in a really talkative mood. He is in here every morning that I am. There is something about him. He reminds me of the low IQ–high functioning handicapped people that I used to work with. And I am thinking about how this place is great for him because he loves to talk and ask questions and argue with people, some of whom seem to get tired of him, but his audience is always changing. Baristas come and go.
Overate yesterday. My manager took the seven of us in our department out to lunch at Axel’s, a fairly fancy-schmantcy place to eat.
Yesterday was an early release day for the kids. the boys were sliding on our hill. Keeve called for Shea, his little brother Shea called for Anders, Liam was left behind. There “was no room for Liam.” Tom drove them to the sliding hill and dropped them off with a cellphone. Yucky. At one level, just Tom trying to deal with the early release day. But I feel such sorrow for Liam. I remember that so clearly from my childhood–“you can’t come in” “we’re going but you can’t come with us” boy that is hurtful.