Fourth of July at Martha’s

Until I get the ability to change the date, this entry will appear here….(I want to back-date but oh well.)
Felt wonderful to be invited to Martha’s backyard for the Fourth of July and “twizzlers” as Dorothea and Liam called them. I don’t think anyone even went to the big fireworks.

I am writing in March. Blogging backwards in time. Actually, went backwards in time and now plan to blog forward from there.
It is July 4, 2003. My palm pilot memo says that I started the day at Nina’s and that I weighed 217. Hurray, a new (recently) low. My back is getting sore, though.
People coming through the door look luminous with the morning sun behind them. The door window is dirty. Sultry sax solo on the stereo.
Misbegotten wobegones, Dorothea and I. Thinking about what we had to go through as children, what Dorothea?s life was like circa 1970. At that time I was riding in the back seat of the car, past the UNIVAC building on my way to White Bear Lake, sitting on the passenger side so that I wouldn’t have to look at myself, or my father, in the rearview mirror, looking at me. In contempt? Disapproval? Not sure what it was.