IN MEMORY OF THOMAS –a poem written by Tom Jaax for Rose Hansmeyer

The dawn saw her
sailing a southerly course.
Soft morning light
reflected on her face
gazing out over
the water.
Waves lifted the boat
steadied by a wind
in the sails.
An easy motion
to lose your thoughts.
She watched the light
of the sunrise play
on top of the water.
Her eyes taking in
every shape and color
Short gusts of wind
shimmered the light
on the little waves,
giving way to a softer
rounder yellow on older
Her breathing
uneasy now
ushered in a sigh.
As if the sails
lost their wind.
A tear readies
its fall to the water
as a dragonfly lands
on the lifeline wire.
She just received
news of her brother’s
Both her and the
dragonfly swayed
with the wind and waves.
They travelled on
She knows now
his memories will sail
on with her.
She will call on
his smile and laugh,
when the wind blows too strong….
She will remember
his love of people
as she steps ashore
in new lands….
The sound of the hull
through the water
is his long yessss
to his respect for the earth…
She will say goodnight
in the quiet anchorages
as the gentle oval waves
close her eyes….
She watched the
dragonfly take off
in a southerly direction
tacking back and forth,
as if leading the way.