Thomas and Beauty at the Bean Factory, August 28, 2005

Thomas and Beauty.jpg
Thomas and I had a full and wonderful day together this day.

We met my friend Ruth for breakfast at Victors (I recommend it!), then took a motorcycle ride through the chain of lakes and Theo Wirth Park (with Ruth). Just after 1p we came to hear Gemma Kirby’s violin recital at the Bean Factory coffee shop at Randolph and Saratoga in St. Paul. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and hot. Thomas was looking so handsome in the new silk shirt that I had bought for him in NYC the previous weekend–but he was too hot with the layers, so is pictured here (equally and always beautiful!!) in a white t-shirt. My simple farm boy (we all know better!). Thomas met Jane Kirby’s parents that day. He and Jane’s father struck up a conversation that could have lasted hours–both having grown up on farms.
Later that day Thomas gave me my first frisbee lesson. Thank god for his amazing patience–anyone else would have given up on me or made fun of my complete lack of ability. He was his usual respectful and encouraging self and actually had me throwing straight inside of about 10 minutes. A miracle.