Old Wives’ Tales

Currently in Portand, Oregon, on the verge of a week here for work. Sunday brunch at a restaurant called Old Wives’ Tales (Burnside and Sandy.) Just sent a text to Dorothea about the women in the booth behind me. One was saying to the other that she’d gone somewhere to get a turkey for Thanksgiving. Wherever it was, apparently the turkey was initially still alive. Some of the other turkeys had names. She asked what was this turkey’s name? But apparently it was nameless. Reminded me of the skit in Portlandia where they ended up leaving the restaurant and going out to the cult run farm to investigate the origins of their meal. (That chicken had not only a name, but a bio.)

Ticketed but not towed

While riding the bus to downtown Minneapolis this morning, I texted Dorothea “can you pick up the car from tires plus?” Nov 16, 2012, 8:37 PM. I’d dropped the Sonata off there yesterday. Walked home. They called, saying alignment needed. Go ahead. Later, they’d called my cell again, left a voicemail. I never did check that voicemail. Assumed they’d left message saying the car was ready. Dorothea texted back “we just got a ticket. Our car was not moved.” Today is the day that the city crews are cleaning our street. I saw the signs yesterday as I walked back from the auto shop, “No Parking Friday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM” and was thinking at that time of moving the cars. This morning, I forgot, and left the house without a single car thought in my head.  The good news: the car didn’t get towed, just ticketed. Also, it was only one ticket, not two, because the other car was in the shop.