Chicago Sacred Harp Megabus

Bought round-trip, red-eye Megabus tickets to Chicago for the Sunday Sacred Heart singing. (Whoops. “Sacred HARP.”)

Started filling out a FAFSA online.

Nina’s. Hungry. Sipping water. Waiting for oatmeal. Checked the bus schedule, checked Facebook. Three comments on bells. (The next day, I got the eight o’ clocks from the cathedral while I walked by on the way from Nina’s to downtown Saint Paul.)

Went to YWCA mostly for a change of pace. Bussing. The idea of driving to Richfield is…. Yuck. Must say that the morning express of 144 to 535 is pretty slick. Home is not so slick. Afternoon choices are: stuck in traffic on the freeway; inching along Lake Street, which in winter is a one- lane rutted cowpath.

Yesterday I tried going home at lunch. But I was really out of commission for two hours. So that didn’t work, either.

This morning to the Y, something I am not doing much of lately, mostly because I am spending two to four hours a day commuting. Got my fix of locker room banter and a little cash register back and forth with June, proprietor of the coffee shop. She’s reading Armistead Maupin. I think she said she’s reading Babycakes.

Movabletype import

Happy New Year. I trust that we have all made it to this current time and space. Sick, healthy, distracted, focused–however the current existence finds you.

I imported the Dragonfly blog and the Somekindapossible blog entries from Movabletype into WordPress. Dragonfly was the blog that was created for entries related to Thomas Hansmeyer after his death. Somekindapossible entries stretch back to 2002.

The import–that took me about a year. Not pretty, not fancy. Probably a lot of things that I am not seeing. Links to photos are broken. But that is okay. Facebook didn’t get overwhelmed as I turned off the plugin from WordPress to Facebook. I have turned it back on now, so we’ll see if this is the first entry that gets posted.