Watched with Dorothea episode two of Fringe. There were two gooey parts that I fast-forwarded through. She is much tougher about such things. A naive view of parallel universes: snapshot is taken, then replicated. All stuff thereafter proceeds in each independent of the other. (That’ s my verbiage.) Led directly to Wikipedia. Whoa, before finishing coffee.

Multiverse, many-worlds. Meta-universe, metaverse.

Hugh Everett III–remember the New Yorker article by his son?

“In cosmology, the Hubble volume, or Hubble sphere, is the region of the Universe surrounding an observer beyond which objects recede from the observer at a rate greater than the speed of light, due to the expansion of the Universe.” (Wikipedia)

Near death experiences

Last week, while driving hither and thither, I passed a recent bicycling accident on Marshall, so recent that the bicycle, crumpled, was still lying in the street as people tended the cyclist, sitting, leaning against a parked car. Last Thursday, Stella dropped a barely breathing baby bird at my feet. Watched as it took its last breath. This morning, dying rabbit laying in the intersection, chest heaving, legs twitching. Immediately after, coming to yellow, then red at Summit and stopping in the median, I watched in shock as an oncoming bicyclist ran the red and then made a left. Very ballsy, very unnecessary, very stupid.

“No choice but to leave”

At the end of yoga class, Dorothea and I were lingering and chatting with the teacher, Kitty. I bought an eye pillow. As she finished packing up and we were walking to our cars, Kitty said, “I miss Thomas.” Not sure what the context was. Either just before that or soon after, she was speaking of a woman, Betty White, who, while crossing Grand Avenue in a crosswalk, had been struck and killed by a car. This happened maybe ten years ago. Perhaps it was a comment by Dorothea about dying in corpse pose, just like Thomas. Not sure. But of Betty White, Kitty said at the time, Betty was on her way home from one of Kitty’s yoga classes at Ramsey Junior High. I vaguely knew about a Quaker who’d been killed by a car some years ago. That was Betty.

Note that you will be required to do some decoding in the following passages. Think: IBM = HAL. (I wikipedia’d it, and both Kubrick and Clarke disavowed; but what can you do?)

Later that night, Dorothea and I watched the first episode of the first season of Fringe a la Netflix DVD. (Netflix for the summer has become a tradition.) My most memorable moment was when Walter said, enthusiastically, “Let’s make some MTE!” (Reference note above.)

Friday, we sent Madeline driving Enzo, Elsa, and Liam as they all went to the Riverview to see First Date. Just as they left, however, we experienced the most torrential downpour. It was a hurricane. Dorothea and I questioned our judgement. But was also felt like hey, sometimes, adventures are good.

Dorothea, Beauty, Liz, Madeline, Liam, and Elsa were all queued up to go cabin camping that Friday, but that plan was abandoned due to threatening weather. If they were going to be gone, I was going to go to the Common Ground Full Moon Walk, and maybe have me an Illusione djhbs. (Ibid.) When I told her of my dashed plans, Dorothea said “let’s _____ something else.” So, instead, Dorothea went and got some of Thomas’ now five-year old qpu. From her sock drawer. We sat out in the shed, imbibed, and enjoy the views of the rain and sky. All quite unexpected, unplanned, and wonderful. When we heard the children returning, just after nine o’clock, we both wished that the movie had been longer.

Saturday for me was an all-day retreat, again at Common Ground. Liam went swimming and on a overnight with his buddy. Others went to graduation parties. Today was the Gay Pride Parade, though we didn’t make it in time to see the parade. Just were able to soak up the general atmosphere.

And, after all that, Beauty stopped by and gave us three plastic storage bins of Thomas mementos. Dorothea’s younger brother, Thomas, died in September, 2005. (He was 39.) His “girlfriend” at the time–her name is Dorothy. Because he already had a sister named Dorothy, he gave his girlfriend the nickname “Beauty.” The nickname has stuck. Beauty has essentially become another member of the Hansmeyer clan. She has moved on–has another partner–and is in the process of purging. The first thing we saw, when we opened the first container, was this newspaper and its headline

no choice but to leave 02