Java Train

I’m at Java Train, Liam at guitar lesson. The other time that I was here, didn’t comprehend this entire other side, where I am now sitting on a comfy couch. Madeline is at her ACT prep class. Dorothea is getting ready for her class.

WordPress and emailing posts

Finally, I got the post-to-Wordpress-via-email to work. It twasn’t simple. And it still isn’t satisfactory. Funny that. Just after I got it working last night, I remembered the original why: because I like using on the iPhone the program Shapewriter, and Shapewriter doesn’t seem to have a decent copy/paste function. It does allow you to easily email what you have written, however. So I was going down the email path. And, such a kick in the pants– I think I see now how to do it–copy/paste from Shapewriter to WordPress, that is. Even worse–RTFM!!!–I now see the instructions. Humbling all around.

On the bus, heading home, contemplating, future, longer ride

On the bus, heading home, contemplating, future, longer rides, if the
bank moves us to Richfield. I was looking at that this morning. Google
Maps showed me a bus ride of a 53 to a 4 out of Uptown that’d get me
to Meridian Crossings in an hour. So I might become even more of a
mass transit maven.


Sorting through the mail this morning, looking for an unmark

Sorting through the mail this morning, looking for an unmarked envelop
to do a PIN reset, I came upon the TCFM Newsletter, and found therein
excerpts from members’ blogs. And I just emailed the listed contact
saying that I’d like my blog featured, too.

Then I thought, well, I’d best follow these local Quaker bloggers–
from my own meeting, for Christ’s sake! Going to the Google Reader, I
noted that what I am currently following is the following:
Maine Owl
Shower of Blessings

Though of course I haven’t used the Reader in ages. But maybe I will
start again. Here’s the new — all on blogspot:

Thegoodraisedup Isthereanyoneelseupthere

And also added Slippery Matters for good measure.

I am in the tub, hoping to not get electrocuted. This morning, I sat
for ninety minutes at Common Ground. Finally figured that place out a
bit. Next, surviving the tub, we go to find be washing machine. Whoop!


Fix the ceiling

Leaving the Y yesterday, I commented to Ron and Chuck about the new showerheads in the upstairs locker room. (Ron is the mantenance; Chuck, front desk.)
— When did they go in?
— This weekend.
— Good to know that I noticed. I suppose they are special water- saving?
— Mostly just new because the old were all crudded up. Next, fix the locker room ceiling. After we figure out where the leak is, and then fix the roof.
— Funny. I would just fix the ceiling.
— And fix the ceiling. And fix the ceiling.

Wag more, bark less.

At Nina’s this morning skipping the Y. Day off of work and eager to get home soon after everyone is gone. Thinking of getting my bike in the shop today. And thinking of General Nanosystems to ask for help with picking a Kubuntu compatible laptop.

Favorite bumper sticker of the day so far: Wag more, bark less.

Last night our (impromptu) family movie night was “Zombieland.” Liam had rented it from Blockbuster because his sister said it was funny. It was too gross for him, though. He started watching it on the plane and I was looking. Certain scenes, he’d cover the screen so I couldn’t see. Then he put it away. Cute actually.

Today, we get both a financial planning appointment and meet with a tax person. Whoopee.

Totally knee-jerk and over-simplified

Totally knee-jerk and over-simplified, I an sure, but I find it hard NOT to comment.

While sitting in the hotel lobby waiting for Liam to come down from the room, I looked through an actual paper version of The Wall Street Journal. (Kind of a test.)

Headline that caught my eye: “Cnooc Near Deal to Develop Iraq Oil.”

Now, wouldn’t it be a kick if it ends up that the United States went to war for oil at the behest of its debtor, China?

Captain Sully retires

Liam and I saw a plane on the runway in Charlotte as it was getting sprayed with fire truck water cannons, and didn’t understand what was going on. Then we heard that it was Chesley B. Sullenberger III, “Captain Sully,” the pilot who landed the jet in the Hudson. And this was the end of his last flight before retiement.

We stuck around with large crowd at the gate and got some photos of him as he exited the plane.

“Traditionally, retiring pilots are greeted at the end of their last trips by trucks spraying water cannons around their planes. They are then feted by their peers in the crew room.”