October MEA trip to Shell Beach, Halloween

Over MEA weekend, we flew to California and visited Dorothea’s sister and niece. Shell Beach, on the Central coast.
…lots of October, harvested vineyards….
….and adults having fun on a winery tour…..
….childern, not so much…..
….they liked the WB Studio tour better. The guy on the right–our guide, hottie, aspiring actor; Dorothea didn’t really go on the tour with us…
….and Halloween….

State Fair, RNC, St. Paul Classic, Minneapolis Classic

Baby steps. Just trying to get some pictures out there. Last Sunday was the new Minneapolis 37-mile ride. While today is the first official “crossing” of the I 35 bridge, we were the first “undering.” The last picture probably deserves some explanation. At Stop #4, Theo Worth Parkway Par 3, as I was coming out of the clubhouse bathroom, a guy came up to the golf course guys and said that there was a hole in the group that people were stepping in. This was the fix.

RNC Welcoming Committee

On Friday, Dorothea and I were riding our bikes and ended up in downtown St. Paul, where preparations for the RNC were underway. Mostly, blocking streets to traffic and putting up anti-pedestrian fences.
Labor Day, with Liz, we joined the march. Law enforcement was way over-represented. This woman, with her sign, at the “turn-around point,” kinda captures the sentiment.
There were cops on horses, bikes, in riot gear, plainclothes, everything, everywhere. They were transported in rented minivans, most of them apparently Kias.
Wednesday, after dinner, we went downtown with the children so that they could see what was going on. These gentlemen, as seen through the window of Mickey’s Diner, look as though they should be eating sushi.

Let Duluth Vote!

Signs were everywhere. Vote, about what, we never knew.
The house is one of many being upscaled on Park Point. This one–literally, up.
On the way back from visit with my sister at her timeshare, we stopped at the farm, and got a measure of the trees planted in the spring of 1993, Madeline not one year-old yet.

Artist among the flowering trees

“Can I take your picture?,” I asked. “Where will it end up?” “Don’t know.” Beautiful trees near Minnehaha Falls that we passed through on our Saturday bike ride. The artist and the easel where just added bonus.
And Madeline took this picture of Dorothea and I reading the Sunday paper on the front porch. She thought we were cute.


This weekend was the graduation of Madeline’s Coming of Age class at the Unitarians. The 25 ninth graders last night each had to read essays in front of the congregation. Today, there was a bit more of a celebration.
Picture 001e.jpg
And, while Madeline and her mentor Amy were getting ready for today’s service, Dorothea and Liam and I drove to visit Grandma Sally. Liam is going to be 12; she, 94.
Picture 002e.jpg