Starvation and WWII Conscientious Objectors

Starvation and WWII Conscientious Objectors

I have watched several of the public television episodes of The War. I began to wonder about the conscientious objectors. When I went to pick up Madeline earlier today, I heard some of this–

And here is the link to the Minnesota Public Radio program

As near as I can tell, this Nebraska site seems to come up the most on Google–

Mobile blog

I have been waiting for this for years. Finally, I can blog from a mobile device and email the post. Wonderful. Technology has given me yet another way to spew out meaningless, carelessly formatted drivel. I am in heaven. I wrote a short post of Dorothea’s and my trip to the Guthrie this afternoon while we were sitting on a restaraunt patio this afternoon. The link is mobile blog. I expect to be posting more to that blog. It is a blogspot blog with easy connectivity with the new Pocket PC. Cloud computing, here I come.

first post from the “wing”

This is first note. Experimental, asit were. I am lying in bed, thumb typing on the new whatever it is called–Pocket PC, MDA. My idea is to write in “Word Mobile” and then copy/paste into Moveabletype. Well, that worked well enough. Nighty-night.

Ubuntu and x11vncTwisted as it

Ubuntu and x11vnc

Twisted as it is, I have this evening achieved a longstanding goal. I have Linux running on a box at home and can remote desktop to it from the laptop, which is running XP. So, I have a sort of active-active dual-boot. I can flip between Linux and Windows on one machine. The perverse part is the having Windows as a base for Linux, but oh well. The next thing is going to be getting it by Dorothea in the sense that my idea is to have the Linux box always on. She won’t like that. Oh yeah–and the other thing–a pretty big thing–was getting the Linux box running wirelessly. Linux and wireless cards are apparently still bad ju-ju. I downloading the Linuxant 30-day free trial and it is working, so I will gladly pay the $20 or so for it.

Totally off any subject of live, but I got the final bee in my bonnet during the trip to France. I got stuck on the idea of having a separate computer for a project management, consultant, home business sort of thing. Also, I am completely not wanting to go Vista. I want to position myself so that I know Linux and don’t have to do the Vista thing.

I should have been scraping paint off the outside of the house. Or posted pictures from the State Fair trip with Liam. But maybe now, I can. OCD-wise, perhaps the jam has been broken.

The first thing that Dorothea will do when she comes in from work (she’s working something like a 2-10 shift today) is she’ll turn off the power to the router and the hub. She’ll want to know why the big old tower that I bought for the distributed database class in the Spring of 2006 is sitting, running, on the floor of the dining room. All fair questions.