Independence Day–on in four, three putt

Went golfing again today that the Highland Executive Nine. I went for the first time of the season yesterday. Both times were early morning. Today I was the second golfer. I caught up to the first on the sixth tee. He was waiting for the groundskeeper to finish mowing the green. He had been playing two balls. That was also my first matchup of the season. He was a nice guy. I think I actually learned some good stuff from watching his swing. Slow back swing, especially noticable on putting. And, on the back swing, brought the club back about as far as I think I do. Again it was a totally pleasant experience. The reality for me is: on in four, three putt. I played 6, 7, 8, and 9 with this guy, and felt, for me, that I only had one bad shot.
I stopped at Kopplin’s and got I don’t know–the Brazilian, I think. He is totally coffee crazy. He was describing to someone else that he has engaged the University of Minnesota Extension service–for free–to analyze two different milks–one the “works” and one that “doesn’t work.”
When I got home after golfing, Dorothea was in the kitchen, getting breakfast and lunch ready for her stint today for double time as charge at Urgent Care. She made a smoothie with a lot of canteloupe and loaded up on rice cakes. She is on a 7 day wheat-free diet.
Liam and I rode bikes to the river and walked out on the cliff ledge. The night before, someone or ones had been there drinking, smoking, and firecrackering. On the way back, I ran two laps on the track. A couple of days ago, we had been on a bike ride and we both ran a lap at the Macalester track. I am quite pleasantly surprised because I thought I had a permanent drop-foot problem from my herniated disk two years ago. Guess I am over it? I hope to keep doing laps regularily. My guess is that the surface of these tracks must be about perfect for running.

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