I continue my wimpy blogging

I continue my wimpy blogging of copy/paste the little notes I have been keeping for myself at work in the Google Note gizno, with this exception: Jeff sent me this picture below. We must have been just 16–left to right: drums, bass, lead, rhythm, keyboards. (My guess–1975)

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No biking again today, I have an appointment with Rachel for haircut.

In at 6:30. Worked for an hour or so on Project Plan for class.


No biking today, wimped out as had dental appointment.

MF down for 12 hours. Never happened before. What is a bank but a ledger of accounts and ability to access that information?

Came in just after 9:00–server problems, too.

Updated a couple of Visio drawings testing and project status


Biked to Y and work–stopped at Kowalski’s and bought bars, yogurt, frozen dinners. Never did get to the PM class stuff yesterday.

Sheel, Jim: steps for Dev/Ops migration

Sheel 1:1

Steve, Sean: XMLs and Code Migration

Jim–server turnover


Me and Liam–science project and Shrek the Third, walking Stella to Macalester.

Dropped Madeline and Yuna off at = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Lake St. station–they went to the MOA.


Drove to the YWCA and the parking lot was blocked off for their 100th birthday celebration.

Took Liam to his baseball practice and Stella for a walk in the little wedge shaped neighborhood bounded by West Seventh and Lexington.

Thunder and storm threatened. We returned just in time to leave for Madeline’s piano recital.

On arrival home we had an orgy of moving couches.

Wild–but my “blogging” of

Wild–but my “blogging” of late has been using a “Notes” gizmo on Google. Whatever it is worth, here is a dump of those notes:

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Biked (4th day in a row) to work and for the 2nd day stopped at the YWCA. Today I ellipticalled while listing to PMPrepcast on Cost estimating. Was pretty wiped out yesterday. Walked the dog too. How about that? Way over ate though. Unless I can control my eating I am going to become a prisoner of over exercising.

Jim Cottrell and Craig Henslin and questions about allocating datasets

DDS form, filling out

Project conversion meeting


Biked to YWCA–3 miles; lifted and ellipticalled (random, 4 miles 32 min) and biked to work along = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Shepard Road (Google maps says 6 miles driving–looks accurate) showered at work–forgot towel, yikes–was a bit underdressed. 218–what’s up with that?

wM Portal call with Sheel.

Autosys and other DR issues

Edit/proof copybooks

Edit/prepare TDP mtg minutes

USBnet DVD mtg

Contact Brian P. about virtual servers


Meditated, ellipticalled, biked. 218.

Misc. support–restarted Dev/IT

Created copybooks

WS_FTP from server to TSOC


Biked. 216. Found bike light.
Signed up for PMP on 7/17 8 am

Worked on SQL DTS, meetings, talked to Jim Cottrell and Thong


pmstudy1 10136

214 Wow. Probably because of walking the dog, going for a bike ride, waling from Minnehaha Falls to the Mississippi, and doing elliptical in the morning.


pmstudy1 10136

Sev 1 with database problem

Met and talked with Jean Kauffman

Ryan–talked about account number being in a blob–need to coordinate with Jim and DB2 billing table


Sev 1 with database problem

Met and talked with Jean Kauffman

Ryan–talked about account number being in a blob–need to coordinate
with Jim and DB2 billing table


Met with Mark Binder from IVR
Andice, Chuck and Craig
Kenneth, Jim, Ed and Sheel about Clearcase
Talked to Chuck about Clearcase


Preparing for status meeting

Mike Diegnau stopped by–has a sample copybook and we (with Chuck) talked about creating a relation between customers and DDAs if it doesn’t exist

Clearcase sh*t hit the fan–talked with Kenneth, Sheel, and Jean Kauffman until 6:00.


Pretty intense–by the meetings:

Mike Diegnau and MS SQL–need to find were the DDA is

Autosys and Sev 2s and meeting with Lisa and Tom.

Met with Thong and layed what to do

Ditched out early to make up for the DR Saturday


DR Autosys Incident and sametimes and emails and setup meeting about how to configure Autosys for DR

Met with Sheel, and dev meeting

DDS conversation with Paul Fincher and detailed design like email


UAT share with Justin
MWM error with Ryan (same as Tuesday)
DDS/Betz mtg
Sharepoint calendar created
Some more on the DR exercise–phone numbers, who calls whom
Reschedule meeting with Andice
Meeting with Eian w/o managers
Staff mtg


Meeting in morning with SI–not much in it for me

Thong–talked to several times about TITO

Okay from Chuck for Jul 30 to Aug 13 vacation


M T W R F Tot
00 00 01 00 00 01 ed
00 00 00 00 00 00 Ho
00 00 00 00 00 00 Train
00 00 00 00 00 00 Vac
00 01 01 00 00 02 Off Admin
01 01 00 00 00 02 Prod Supp
01 02 00 00 00 02 App upgrade
01 01 04 00 00 06 7902 TDP
04 01 01 00 00 06 1524-conv
01 02 01 00 00 03 DR

9:00 Andice mtg with Phil, Mike, Tom–copybook, ho! and DB, DDS, CA7 resources are on the way.

11:30 – 1:00 GTD face-to-face
1:30 DR touchbase
3:00 Weekly TDP–Thong out; who is in?
4:00 Meeting with Sheel


M T W R F Tot
00 00 00 00 00 00 ed
00 00 00 00 00 00 Ho
00 00 00 00 00 00 Train
00 00 00 00 00 00 Vac
00 01 00 00 00 00 Off Admin
01 01 00 00 00 00 Prod Supp
01 00 00 00 00 00 App upgrade
01 01 00 00 00 00 7902 TDP
04 01 00 00 00 00 1524-conv
01 01 00 00 00 00 DR

10:52 AM 5/1/2007

Tom Stewart sametimed about UAT scheduled services, and that has led to my reading the wM Cluster guide.

Also, talked to Ed and Phil about inbound file.

Sheel came over and talked to him and we called Eian. Sheel is going to take the Eian angle.

At the end of the day, talking at Chuck’s desk with Craig H,; Mike D. stops by; Sheel stops by; Jim C. leaves early–I think becuase we were making too much noise.


00 ed
00 Ho
00 Train
00 Vac
00 Off Admin
01 Prod Supp
01 App upgrade
01 7902 TDP
04 1524-conversion
01 DR

Servers didn’t reboot; autosys parm wrong

No database issues apparent

Postponed Req for TDP mtg because of UAT problem

Autosys mtg

Sheel database meeting

UAT problem again at end of day


Clouds in Water Zen Dharma talk

8:00-9:30 worked with Ops and Yonas, cluster and Jay

Paging and checking throughout the day. Jay done about 4:30. Yonas sign-off done 5:30

Biked to California building studio and art of Brittany

Walked dog with Dorothea


00 ed
00 Ho
00 Train
00 Vac
04 Off Admin
12 Prod Supp
10 App upgrade
10 7902 TDP
10 1524-conversion


Getting setup for Saturday databse

Talked to Sheel

Talked to Thong

Repo reset on UAT


Reviewed TDP Detailed Req

PowerPoint–added to for Mike Diegnau and sent to him, Kiran

Meeting with Chuck, Mary

Prepare for meeting with Kathy conversion

Drafted email to mgmt about Saturday CMR

CMR email to Jay, Yonas

Stop/start directions to Ops

Talked to Yonas, Jay

Emailed David J. Schultz about “rehearsing”

Jay pushed for full eight hours

Emailed Thong–need to start thinking about how 820, requirements, fit


Mtg with Diegnau and Kiran–need to get them a PowerPoint

TN query SR–took on

Mary mtg–testing, resources, how much–rescheduled meeting

Good deal of time on Autosys pages–transmit folder got moved

thread dump for Ryan

Coordinating database update–waiting on Yonas to find out from customer.


Contacted Mary, Jim, Jay
about CMR for database move. Chuck last night was ready to postpone it; I thought about it and want to get it done tonight.

Updated list of tasks from bigger project.

Conversation with Jim C.:

Last file at 10:00 am; if no response is required on Saturday, could have Yonas stop scheduled services

Start DB backup at 9:00 anyway, and it’ll go back and pick up anything that it missed/

Or, check with Jay–if the backup isn’t going to take all that long, maybe we should just plan on starting at 10:30?

While the database is bkp, have Ops practice on Dev/Ops

Restart SQL server–Jay? Shaun?

Lightspeed–40 minutes?


Sanitizer class all day

DDR for UAT approved

Talked to Justin about what the EDI Ops folks to do

CMR in the works to get the wM database moved to bigger space.

Bad anniversary performance tiff with Dorothea


10:54 AM 4/19/2007 UAT problems when I hit the door just after 8:00 am–

Cycled IS; looked through logs, etc

10:00 meeting with Chuck and Mary;

11;00 meeting with Thong and Jason

Mostly, I think that I have to get the Dev environment setup–Directories, packages, scheduled services

12:03 PM 4/19/2007 Done with lunch; going to lookup SRs for Kathy Miller’s meeting

3:13 PM Talked with Kenneth about CMR to put 4 onhold jobs in PROD and about Clearcase XMLs. Am now copying packages to 296.

4:29 PM 4/19/2007 Took a walk around the building; running out of gas. “Finished?” putting packages on 296. Memory is tight. Restarted IS again.

Hit my elliptical wall today

Hit my elliptical wall today

Several days of good progress. Yesterday I did four elliptical miles in thirty minutes. That felt signficant. Today, I missed that mark by twenty seconds. My hope is to keep increasing the amount of time that I keep that pace by a minute a day.

For the last couple of

For the last couple of days, a bird or birds have been using my windshield for target practice. Their aim has been improving. I thought about this while washing the windows and having $3.979 per gallon gasoline pumped into the minivan tank.

On Friday, Dorothea and I dropped Yuna and Liam off at the Y to go swimming. She loves swimming; Liam doesn’t. But, he’s willing to go with her, so that is a great combination. Dorothea and I walked around the Ramsey Hill neighborhood, centered on on the YWCA, the Saint Paul Cathedral, the Cass Gilbert-designed Swedenborg Church, and Boyd Park. We stopped at the Happy Gnome for a beer. The Happy Gnome is next to the Saint Paul Curling Club.

Yuna told of sitting in the sauna and listening to two men talk of their impending graduation from law school and job prospects–the old everybody want experience, but how do you get a job without having experience? I thought that I’ve been blogging about just such sauna conversations for six years, and now there’s someone else who has done exactly the same.

Last night, we clicked “Purchase” on $4,700 of Icelandair tickets for the four of us to fly to France in August.

Forever young elliptical I got

Forever young elliptical

I got tired of listening to the Project Management Prepcast, so I was listening to The Morning Show. Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” was playing. I don’t know what I was thinking. Perhaps I wasn’t thinking, maybe that’s the point. When I joined the chorus “Forrrrevvverrrr young” the woman next to me lost her magazine and her rhythm.