On the third floor

On the third floor of the University of Saint Thomas Library. Actually, I am on the third floor of one of the University of Saint Thomas libraries. (I looked it up. I couldn’t help myself. It is the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library.) I have a Creative Labs Zen 4 GB player that I bought at Target on my way to the library. Actually, I went out of my way to by it. I had been thinking about the purchase of something like for some time, especially in the week before we went to Mexico and the “AA” batteries in Tomas’ old Aiwa cassette player were dead again when I wanted to list to The Morning Show while on the elliptical trainer at the YWCA. I had scoped out the player soon after. I was determined to get something with an FM tuner. So there.

I have taken awhile to find the library and a spot in it. This is quite good. Of course, the other students are gone on Spring break. That helps a lot.

I also re-loaded the Musicmatch Jukebox software. I don’t know why I like that program, except that right now I am listing to Steve Winwood’s “The Finer Things” on one of their free “radio stations.” I like that feature.

I am back from Mexico and have Palm entries. (I just reached into my purse and pulled out the ol’ Palm M105 and it is now synching up with the laptop hard drive via the IR port. And, the dark side of Musicmatch Jukebox just reared it’s head–the announcements/commercials.) And I have things that I have written down in the Moleskine Watercolor Notebook that I got at Wet Paint on Grand Avenue. Geesh, I am sounding like quite the consumer.

And I unloaded photos from the two cameras. The hit is a video that Madeline took of Yuna buried in sand. I put that on YouTube but not searchable. The photos, all my photos, really, I want to find a place on the to store them.

Here’s what my world looks like now. Mexico was much more colorful.

There is a lot of color correcting that needs to be done.

…and of course, the darn thing doesn’t need to be that big. (I am working in Google Writerly and don’t have the swing of sizing photos yet. I will publish to the blog to see what it looks like.) –Not too well. There is a line that got cutoff. Oh well.– I couldn’t help tweaking. There’s a bunch of



One of the flight attendants

One of the flight attendants our our A 319 coming to Cozumel would do this little stomping routine whenever she was at a particular spot in the aisle ahead of us. Why (question mark). She wanted to stay over in Cozumel and not go out on the next flight to Phoenix. Someone told that there is a soft spot in the aisle that might require a mechanic’s attention. I said “our agendas are clearly different.”

One cymbal short of a crash

My co-worker Jim gave me this picture from his Far Side calendar the Monday after we tried to upgrade our group’s server software and failed because the database ran out of space. And actually, I had remembered it as the orchestra was performing in hell. This was more presient than he probably realized. Half a brain, half a set of cymbals.

I have gotten massively

I have gotten massively distracted. “Why you should kill your moveabletype blog” seems like an apt description of my blight. Maybe Google Writerly should go too. I have become quite fond of Writerly, especially enchanted with the ability to write and then post to my blog. But, then, in late February, things went horribly wrong. Things got discombobulated. I could no longer post to Some Kinda Possible. Instead, the posts were going to the testblog. I posted on the help page on February 25 the following:

I love the post to blog feature. My blog is movabletype. Something
seems to have changed from when I originally set it up. In the Blog ID/
Title box, funny characters keep appearing–two square boxes, a dash,
an “n” and a “Z”. I have a couple of blogs, and can no longer
designate which blog I want to post to. The post just always goes to
the same blog.

and watched for a few days only to get that usual sinking feeling that no one would respond.
Today, I cleared my cache. Voila! That got rid of the funny characters, but now I was posting to dragonfly. Ugghh. I looked at the help board, and shazam! there was this reply, dated February 27:
Hi David,

We’re aware of the problem viz. changing which blog you post to.

For now, there’s a slightly clunky workaround that should allow you to
bypass this problem.

1. Switch your blog settings to have it post to the correct blog.
2. Post to your blog.
3. Remove the post.
4. Now, post again.

This sequence, for whatever reason, will wake the system up, and alert
it to post to the correct blog.

If you continue to have other problems, let me know!


And, it worked. So, waste of time, but now I am back on track. So, this morning–let’s see–it is after 8:00, so it’s been an hour–I have gotten myself back on track, as well as gotten some errant back posts published in the right places.

Soon, Nina’s will for one reason or another become an unpleasant place to be–some loud coffee klatsch will park itself next to me, I will lose my computer connectivity, whatever.

Saturday morning, and I am

Saturday morning, and I am at Nina’s with the laptop. I have been up a bit early for going to the YWCA. So I am set up to come here first. I have a nice table, just at the right foot of Lady Liberty.

I came home to

I came home to find Madeline. Dorothea, Liam, and Yuna were “cabin camping” at Lake Maria State Park with Liz. After Madeline and I had sandwiches and chips for dinner, I headed out for the Free Thursdays at the Walker. She didn’t want to go.

We had a little bit of conversation about the Restorative Justice thing that she is going through at shool. One of the girls in her French Immersion group, the remains of which have now been together for nine years, is effectively bullying three of the other girls. The bully has apologized, but doesn’t want to go any further. The next step is for a mediated one-on-one between the bully girl and each of the others. The others, including Madeline, and she is quite clear on this, want to confront the bully girl as a group. Not right. I am very proud of the steps that Madeline has taken thus far.

The Walker. Below is what I typed into my pager. When I got there, a good size group of people was booking through the galleries, on its way to the back of the museum. So, I picked up my pace and followed them. The destination was a reading/theatrical presentation by a group of five black women. Four younger women sat on tall stools. The fifth woman, older and separately introduced as being a playwright of distinction, after some introduction, proceeded to read through a play, something Aunt Jemimah.


The exhibit was of art by a woman, Kara Walker. The techniques were 19th century–“cycloramas” and black silhouette cut-outs. charictures of black and slave owners. Overtly sexual, overtly violent. The second paragraph below is things that I typed in while watching a narrative film, an interview with the artist. She moved with her parents to Georgia as a child, and lived near a place called Still Mountain, where there is a Confederate version of Mount Rushmore. I thought that I had problems. Add black, female, and I wouldn’t be suprised, lesbian. Yuck.

free thursday at the walker. disturbing, nightmare stuff really. kara walker and the depiction of the n word. other works to expressionism gore and ugliness. watch out.

cyclonrama 19th century pre cinema beginng. end? engrossing and grotesque titilation gwtw underlying turbulance avoidance of subject silhouette viciousness still mtn in your face perversions fears exchanges of ower attempts to steal melodramtic guggenhiem slave revolt disembowl project into scene implicated project fictions into facts accurate ikenesses given what you’ve been given?

I was chugging along nicely,

I was chugging along nicely, then I lost my connection, and now the connection is gone forever. Or at least until I can get to the remote computer. I am now sitting in an empty classroom at Saint Thomas, waiting for Yuna to appear. The class was short. Actually, I didn’t think it was at all. I mistakenly thought that this evening was the night that the mid-term was due and that we didn’t have to attend. So I came a bit late, but it is a good thing that I came.

I was remoted into my computer at work, but I lost the VPN connection and haven’t been able to get in since. So, after futzing with that for awhile, I am now resigned to blogging, which is something that I should do anyway.

I just got an email from Tom and Rose, who are cruising and are in the Dominican Republic. They sent the link to their cruising blog. Now, being in the Dominican Republic–that’s interesting.

I am getting kind of tired. I stayed home from work today, parting because I was afraid that I was getting an ear infection like what Madeline has got, partly to work on my take-home mid-term which actually isn’t due until next Monday. But I can move on now. I am ready to go back to work. I ended up working about half the day anyway, working on a production problem, an aftermath of the disaster recovery exercise from this past Saturday.d

Well now, that is cool. I rebooted to Kubuntu and relocated to the computer lab, since that is where Yuna will be looking for me. Sure enough, I can get on the Saint Thomas network. That’s is preetty good. Those college geeks who like linux have come through.