I just got done uploading photos to Flickr. Went here to look at them in the header and saw that the last entry was in November, early November at that. I have been keeping more up-to-date in the Mobile log, but anyways, here’s a Christmas photo.

Halloween Wart

I had a physical yesterday–poked, prodded, probed, palpated. So far, I am still here. I did get liquid nitrogen treatment for a wart on my foot. It as been there for sometime, years maybe. Just was ready to do something about it.

O.M.G. Becky

But here is the picture of Madeline and her “O.M.G. Becky” shirt. Madeline was walking in the hall of Junior High, the hall was really crowded. (Madeline, who just came in the room where I am sitting and writing this, wants me to make sure that you understand that this is a large school–four hundred students per grade–and is a racially and culturally diverse school.) So, she ran into this black guy, sort of accidentally bumped into him with her shoulder, and then he, in mock horror, stood back and raised his arms up in the air and said, in a high-pitched, white-girly voice “oh my god, Becky!” In this context, “Becky” to be understood as a generic white-girl name.
That was eighth grade. Fast-forward to the beginning of ninth grade. Madeline has moved on to a new high school. One weekend with friends from her old Junior High, she is with a group that is tie-dying. And someone creates this shirt for her, harking back to the eighth-grade incident.
And I’ve had the idea for this narrative for a while, and just now got to taking the picture.

Dangerous Liaison

Title doesn’t mean anything except that it was the first thing that popped into my head when I was trying to think of a title. As near as I can tell, there is something like maybe four to six regulars to this site, besides myself. Don’t know if that means that anyone is actually reading it. I guess I read it as I write it. Though even I don’t go back and look at it again. Still, I like doing the activity of jotting little nothings.
This picture I took from the corner of the atrium at the “Y” were I have been sitting and meditating in the morning. It really is quite a beautiful room.
This picture is of the flood plain on the Crosby Farm bike trail. That was a really beautiful ride. We did the reverse St. Paul Classic fifteen with the addition of this dip to go down along the river. Madeline was with Dorothea and I. She was barely tolerating the experience, and let out a huge groan when Dorothea, who was in the lead, made the turn off of Shepard. Madeline said “you guys essentially lied to me” because we made this detour.


The silo picture comes from Monica and was taken at a family gathering on the farm which took place while we were in Brittany. The other picture is of one of the local liquor stores. Looked great on account of the neon. I was on my way to the music store to buy reeds for Madeline’s clarinet.

Marathon Sunday, 2007

I went for a bike ride along the Greenway Trail in the hopes of avoiding the race. Hard to do, since we are surrounded. I cam back on the Cedar Lake Trail, and then along the Mississippi. One thing of note is the multitude of bridges. One image that I tried to catch was of a jet landing, coming in over a bridge built in 1915, which may have had a streetcar line on in, and the railroad track beneath is now of course a bike trail.