Useful, timely, entertaining

Useful, timely, entertaining. Those are the things that learningmovabletype says are the essentials to having good blog. I don’t think that I am particularly any of those things. Mostly I am failing to evaporate. Super humid already.
I ellipticalled for twenty, sat in the hot tub and the sauna, and then, because I knew that I was obligated to, to cool off, I did a couple of laps in the pool.
I strained my back playing golf last Sunday night. A classic combination–I tried to much, went to far, and then I also got stressed. In the morning, I had gone to the driving range and hit a bucket of one hundred balls. I hoped to “groove the swing” the one I’d worked on at the $80 private lesson I’d taken with Liam. I knew I wanted to go out for a twilight round. But when I did go to the Highland Executive course, they were having family fun night. I should have brought my family. The counter guy recommended going over to the 18 across the street, the newly redone “National.” I hadn’t played it since it’s been refurbished. I ended up with a foursome–two guys in a cart, one walking. I wasn’t into the energy of the cart guys. They weren’t into me. They left after nine holes; the other walker guy and I did the rest of the nine, finishing just after sunset.
But I strained my back on about the third. I thought about stopping, I knew I was letting myself feel rushed. But I was determined to not give in. Damn it. The good news, and I think that it is–my back is sore, but it didn’t go “out.” I take that as being pretty significant.
Yesterday morning I went to the Y end did an abridged exercise routine. Trouble with crunches, the roman chair, getting down and up from the bench. But, oddly, I was able to do the “elephant walk” golf swing drill–with a medicine ball–and that felt fine. That fuels my notion that my injury is more psychologically originated than golf originated, a la the book “Mind Over Back Pain.”
Liam has been doing great in sports. I watched a baseball game and a soccer game. He batted .800 with 5 or 6 RBIs (machine pitched, mind you) and was right on in soccer, even played offense and got a shot on goal, though he missed.

No saturated fat

Just got done watching the end of the British Open. So cool to see the emotion from Tiger Woods. “Why is he crying?” asks Liam. Hard to explain. Because, I imagine, that he was happy and sad at the same time.
I got back the results of my most recent blood work. Everything is fine except for my cholesterol, of course. My triglycerides are way up. Googling seems to indicate that there is a strong correlation between triglycerides and saturated fat. Plus, the last time I had my cholesterol checked, things were lower, and I think that there was a correlation with being on the South Beach Diet, which would be lower in saturated fat. So, I am on the scourge saturated fat diet. I am on day two of simply trying to make sure that I am consuming as little saturated fat as possible. (I am down a pound–possibly a side benefit.)
Just (after finishing watching golf) got back from a real estate open house across the street. Old couple lived there fifty years. Neighbor bought the house and gutted it and re-did it. Looks very nice. But the price is double of what I think ours would be, but I don’t think that it is twice the house. Maybe it is because almost everything in it is new. Liam and I came up to the door just as Dorothy, the oldest daughter, was walking up. I would think that has got to be hard. But she didn’t seem to think so.
Yesterday morning, Liam and I had our $80 golf lesson with the pro at Highland. He was very much like my brother-in-law Bill. We got to ride a golf cart around to the back side of the driving range where he does his teaching, and it seems like it went well from the Liam perspective. At least certainly the experience didn’t seem to dissuade Liam. Next would be some group lessons if Liam is interested.
This morning I went to the Highland driving range and hit a bucket of 100 balls, working on the “elephant walk” exercise that the pro showed to both Liam and me. Frustrating, but I have hope, and I know that it is the right thing to do. If possible, I will try to go for nine holes of twilight golf tonight.

Walking along the aisle

Walking along the aisle of cubicles, morning, 8:30, quiet except for the tapping of computer keyboards and a woman turning from her computer and keyboard tapping to look at me, ceiling, walls, carpet dingy and dirty, there is a chair, old, roller, worn-out cushions, listing, by the entrance to one of the cubicles, with a clear plastic, opened, cellophaned type of pastries, half of them gone.

This really is like politburo watching

Headache in the cubicle after getting up an leaving at lunch for an appointment that really wasn’t until tomorrow. But since I was out, stopped at Chipolte for a burrito. I’ll eat my lunch salad for dinner tonight. (Sure I will.) Headache, bored, not feeling well. (Bad burrito?) Gather four quarters and head off for a vending machine to buy a bottle of water. But I get there and water now costs $1.25. (I should have known that.) Back to the headache cubicle. Get another quarter from the drawer. Lost focus. Staring at the quarters in my hand. Some of them are state-backed; others, eagle. Looking at the dates of the eagle-backed quarters. I really can’t make out the dates on quarters very well anymore. Have to take off my trifocals and hold the coins pretty close, moving them back and forth. One of the quarters is dated 1973. Ironically, that now seems like a long time ago. A lot of people alive then are dead now.. And a lot of the people in my life weren’t alive yet then. A quarter would have bought a soda. There probably wouldn’t have been any bottled water. Or cubicles. Or burittos.

Dr. Pibb offering

Up and around and fed this morning, so I thought that I would go to Nina’s and see if I could write. At Nina’s I am. Usually of late when I have been over here of a morning, I am too hungry-unfocused to write because I haven’t had breakfast yet. But today is otherwise. And at home, haven’t gotten into any kind of regular writing groove. Too distracting there; always someone around, or I can’t get in the mood.
Liam told me a good story this morning. He and his buddy have been doing a lemonade stand gig to save up money to buy box seats at a Twins game. Actually, they moved up to the harder stuff–they are selling cans of soda. A car pulled up, the driver bought a can of Dr. Pibb, and drove off–kinda fast, Liam said. The car went couple of blocks, then made a screeching u-turn, came back and stopped at the corner where our neighborhood handicapped woman, Maureen, hangs out in front of her house during the day. The occupant of the car tried to give the can of pop to Maureen, but she demurred, may even have gone back in her house. Then the driver left the can on sidewalk and drove away. Liam reported that Maureen came out and took the can.
So I said that was maybe the cosmic reason why they are doing the soft drink sales.

Circumnavigation du lac dubois

Last summer, we drove around Lake Superior. This summer, our trip was a drive around Lake of the Woods. Oddly, at 1300 miles, it was almost as far to go around Lake of the Woods as it was to go around Lak Superior.
Circumnavigation du lac du bois
We spent a night in an AmericInn in Orr, Minnesota, on Pelican Lake. That was quite nice. There was an indoor waterslide there that I liked. I had never been on a waterslide before. The map shows our route. Into Canada at International Falls and out again to the west at Warroad. (With a detour into the Northwest Angle just to see what it is like.) Going in was like driving into the middle of a huge pager mill, which is essentially what the border crossing is at that point. In the Northwest Angle, the picture below shows the phone that you are supposed to use to call US and/or Canadian customs.