Kaput yoga

20060624 I am at Nina’s after getting up to go to the 7:30 yoga class at the Y. But there was no class; so I came over here. I brought the NY Times and my Palm.

The Times is talking (do newspapers talk? Probably not) about the Bush administration’s secret examination of international bank records in a database of SWIFT–the Society of Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. Avian flu has been transmitted from person to person.

Yesterday at work, there was meeting between my boss and another manager. I would say that they had not been getting along, and consequently, a project languished for six months. I have worked for the last two weeks to bring them together. Actually, I didn’t realize until two days ago that was the aim. But it was successful.

This is in contrast to the meeting the day before between my boss and I, which did not seem so successful. So, there was redemption, in a way.

From Monday to Friday, I played 36 holes of golf in four outings–Cedarhome Par 3, Fort Snelling, and Hiawatha Executive (twice). I parred the first hole, 191 par 3 at Cedarhome, and bogied the last, 300 + par 4 at Hiawatha.

I never know what’s going to happen when I hit the ball. I am still topping pitches; my aim and distance are inaccurate. I did have several 100 yard nine-irons that diveted on the green or close, though pretty far from the pin, and that I then two putted.

That last hole is how I would have to play pretty consistently to break 100. I call it bogie and a half golf.

I went to the dentist, Dr. Benny as recommended by Dorothea, about the numbness that I had in my upper right jaw. Dorothea was right; Dr. Benny is great. And see discounted any probable dental cause. So, on to

The family in Bemidji…

Last night, I was think of trying to get the latest tee time available at Cedarhome. My thought was to go to the driving range, pitch, chip, putt, hit a small bucket of balls, and then get to Cedarhome in time for tee-off. But just as I was about to make the call, as I had the Yellow Pages open in front of me on the dining room table, I saw Fort Snelling Executive, and that they were first come, first serve. So, I thought if I went about dinner time, there may not be so many people there.
I went to the driving range, but at Highland, not the University, and heading out to Fort Snelling. Finding it is always a challenge. First, just as you’re leaving Saint Paul and getting onto the freeway system that goes to the airport and the mall and beyond, there are some tricky exits. Second, once you’re on the Fort grounds, it is not really clear where you’re supposed to go. Not to me anyway.
Fort Snelling must be one of the world’s unique golf courses. From the first tee, it is almost as if you could hit your shot to the runway, and have a great view of planes landing and taking off. And you are surrounded by many, many hulking old buildings from the late 19th and early 20th century. They are empty, boarded up, and in various stages of decay. They are what is left of the fort from when it was a going concern, not just a museum, from the Spanish-American War, First and Second World Wars.
A two-some, another single, and I got grouped together. We didn’t finish until after the sun had gone down, but because it was the Summer Solstice, that was well after 9:00 pm.

Summer solstice

20060621 Summer solstice. Yet another one. The loud steam roar of the espresso machine kicks in. I am at Nina’s, sitting at the right foot of the Statue of Liberty.

On Monday evening, I played my first round of golf since 2004. I went to Cedarhome for 7:07 tee time. I parred the first hole, 191 yards. A 3-wood brought up with 15 yards of the pin. The rest of the evening was filled with various flavors of bogie. But overall, it was encouraging. And pleasant. And cheap–$10.

Dorothea and the children are departing for Bemidji. They’ll stop over in St. Cloud, Royalton, Little Falls and other points for some nostalgia and sightseeing.

I talked to my boss’s boss’s boss yesterday. He has got the CMDB project, and I told him that I was interested in participating. We also ended up talking about my relationship with my boss. He recommends and supports me in a heart to heart. So be it.

Jupiter’s moons

Jupiter moons
Here is a bit of NASA’s caption:
This “family portrait,” a composite of the Jovian system, includes the edge of Jupiter with its Great Red Spot, and Jupiter’s four largest moons, known as the Galilean satellites. From top to bottom, the moons shown are Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. The Great Red Spot, a storm in Jupiter’s atmosphere, is at least 300 years old. Winds blow counterclockwise around the Great Red Spot at about 250 miles an hour. The storm is larger than one Earth diameter from north to south, and more than two Earth diameters from east to west. In this oblique view, the Great Red Spot appears longer in the north-south direction.

Europa, the smallest of the four moons, is about the size of Earth’s moon, while Ganymede is the largest moon in the solar system.
I like this picture because Liam did his science project on moons this year.
And while I am on the tangent of Liam and photos, might as well add Thomas. Dorothy (not Dorothea) has compiled some of Thomas’ photos. this is of us at his house, apparently in 1996.

Meeting for Worship with attention to Business

I wrote my letter. I had my two Clearness Committee meetings. Then, last night, was the Meeting for Business with Attention to Business, and I was on the agenda as part of the report from Ministry and Counsel. Actually, I was all there was from the report from Ministry and Counsel. But there you have it. I am now a member.
There is a Welcoming Committee which will be putting together a Sacred Harp singing at my suggestion, probably sometime in the fall.
Now I need to get them a blurb and a photo for the newsletter. To email it, I needed someone’s email address. To do that, I got a directory (the last one, they’re printing new ones) and found out I wasn’t in there. May not have been for years. The last year that I got a directory was 2003, I think.
Strum und drag. There is a schism among the Quakers. The fault line is a consideration of having paid staff. Apparently a similar thing happened some twenty years ago or more when the group bought a house. Members who were opposed to owning property started the Prospect Park meeing. Nothin’ is easy.

Run a red light

Last winter, Dorothea and I stay in Duluth for a couple of nights at the Inn on Lake Superior, our favorite place to stay in Duluth. They have a small, heated, outdoor pool on the third floor of their new wing. It is very pleasant to sit in the 104° F water and look towards the Aerial Lift Bridge. Stars and a moon are often added bonuses. Steam rises from the water; ice forms on the concrete deck around the pool.
Many times we have the place to ourselves. Occasionally there is someone else there. A mother and teen daughter. A young couple. Sometimes little is said beyond Dorothea’s usual, initial loquaciousness. Other times, a good conversation will get going beyond the “where are you from?” stage.
Last winter, we got going with two women from a small town in southern Minnesota. They both worked for the Department of Health. One of them was a techie. One of the topics of conversation was driving in rural areas, especially from the techie woman, who often had to drive long distances to remote health depart sites. Summer, winter, rain, snow. Somehow we got to the topic of people running stop signs, and how, out in the middle of nowhere, in the winter, spring, or fall, when there was unlimited visibility, that didn’t seem to be much of a problem. Just couldn’t do it in the summer after the corn had started to grow and reduced sight lines.
And a version of that happens even here in the city. I can think of a couple of times that I have witnessed someone running a red light of a stop sign. Once, a couple of years ago, it happened on the morning of the first day of school. I was stopped at a red light on Fairview at Summit, heading south. The light changed. But before I could even get my foot of the brake, a Volvo zoomed in front of me. Once, not to far from my house, I was driving in the deep residential area where each corner has a stop sign for traffic going in one direction, but not the other. I was on the street with the right of way as I approach the intersection. I was a second away from entering the intersection when a Cadillac, going at least 30 mph, ran its stop sign. A week or two ago, I was on my bike, making a left-hand turn at a four-way stop sign intersection, when a car coming up from behind me blew through the stop sign. And, years ago, I got T-boned by a Cadillac running a red light–I am here because the car I was driving was a Volvo–a beat up, rusty Volvo, but a Volvo.
In most cases when a car runs a red or a stop sign, there are no ill consequences. That wasn’t the case yesterday near here, where Snelling Avenue and Interstate 94 meet. An eastbound car came off the interstate, up the ramp, and, at full speed, ran a red into Snelling. It demolished one car, damaged several others, killed two people (so far) and injured nine, five seriously. Witnesses likened the collisions to a bomb going off.
Not quite as innocent as running a stop sign in a empty rural area. Though, now that I think about it, there was nothing innocent about Bill Janklow, former governor of South Dakota, running a rural stop sign and killing a motorcyclist a while back.
We initially became aware of the accident when we were returning yesterday from taking my sister-in-law to Milaca to pick up her repaired car. As we approached the exit, we were talking about whether we had enough time to get Liam to his six o’clock baseball game. He didn’t want to go. We saw a sign informing that traffic would be reduced to one lane several miles ahead. Though that didn’t seem like it would impact us, soon after, cars began breaking. At first I thought that because of that construction, other people were deciding to get off the interstate early, at Snelling. Then, just as we approached the exit, it became clear that there was some sort of commotion on Snelling. We saw two, three, four, five police cars on the bridge and at the top of the ramp. Then we saw that there was a police car at the bottom of the ramp, blocking it. So, the traffic back-up was caused by the police closing the off ramp. We figured a drug bust  or a homicide. But it turned out to be the wreck.
Ours is such a car culture that we are somewhat thick about auto wrecks. We see them, we slow down, we are in them occasionally. But life goes on. I suppose that car bombings get to be that way too, in places in the Middle East where they happen most frequently. And I wonder why there aren’t more such attacks here, if there aren’t going to be more of them in the future. And, if there are, I imagine each of them being of the magnitude of the Snelling crash yesterday.
And I can imagine a bit further. The victims were taken to Regions Hospital. (Great name–formerly the Ramsey County Hospital.) It is a Level One Trauma unit, or whatever the terminology is. That is the same place that they took Thomas. So, I know what the inside of that place looks like too.


Who is my audience, anyway? Who reads this crap? Mostly, I think my audience is me. Every once in a while, someone else responds. This is a catchall, Day Book sort of thing. I am have been lax of late, but seems like I am getting back in the groove.
This is the second day that I have written. I am at the dining room table, not the coffeeshop. I am planning to ride my bike to work again, and that will make for three times this week. I plan to go to the Y tomorrow. So anyway, there is this brief time between the kids in the morning. One has gone off to school, the other not awake yet. Though, just as I wrote that, the other has just arisen.
I went hog-wild a few days ago and got a bunch of books and DVDs from ordering online through the public library. One of the things that I got was 2001: A Space Odyssey. Still a very weird movie. And long. It has an intermission. And, stylish. I don’t thing that we’ve met up with the style as presented in the movie. Clearly, computers are to be spoken to, and that has never happened. What we’ve got are the clunky equivalents of bread boxes and clanky keyboards. Most everything in the movie was hands-free. Desks and tables were free of clutter. Of course the companies with product placement are gone or a joke–Howard Johnson’s; Pan Am; AT&T. It was the United States and the Soviets.
The sort of “out Communisted the Communists” culture that led to putting a man on the moon is clearly the sort of culture that’d be required to be sending people to Jupiter, but probably would have stayed Big Iron a la HAL (IBM) and wouldn’t have given us our current icons like PCs, cell phones, and iPods. We never got the hover cars, either. But it has gotten to the point that when I see someone driving a car, I expect that they are holding a phone to their head.
My memory is that I went to see 2001 with my parents, like I went to other movies with them that I can remember–True Grit, Planet of the Apes. So, that must have been a very weird experience. Now, I’d say it’s kind of Buddhist–“Dave” came back.

Catch-up (or ketchup)

Haven’t posted for a awhile. I have a bunch of entries on my Palm Pilot. I was thinking that I would post them, but my Palm is still synchronizing, so that won’t happen for a while.
Tuesday morning, 06/06/06. I would say that I have been through this at least one other time, 06/06/66. So, hey.
I am sitting in the diningroom at the diningroom table. Thinking of getting off to work, of riding my bike to work. Doesn’t look like it is going to rain again today. Already, it is humid though. We had a great thunderstorm last night. So, global warming or not, so far this year we have stayed well hydrated.
The last two weeks I have gone out and hit balls at the driving range. The newly remodeled Highland course now has a very nice practice green. I have blisters on my hands. Could be because I am not holding the club the right way. But I suspect that the skin of my hands is so soft and even if I am holding the club perfectly, I’ll need to build up some calluses. It is ironic that I am so worried about by back, by what I have got is blisters.
Sorry, but I am uncomfortably hot sitting here. Sweating. So I am going to head off to my day at work. What cosmic karma will that bring?