I hit the dog in the head with a baseball

Day before yesterday, Thursday. Stella and I went out the back door. She jumped off the steps of the deck. I threw a baseball. The ball hit the ground, bounced. Stella stops, turns, and the ball hits her in the head. She goes down. She starts to get back up….
And begins an odyssey which leads to the the Animal Emergency.
I call for the children to come and help me as I come back into the house, holding the woozy Stella cradled in my arms. I have Liamcall his mom at work. I get Madeline to look up the phone number of a French Immersion parent who’s a veternarian. Dorothea doesn’t answer. The vet does.
I explain. She asks “was the dog hit by a baseball or a baseball bat?” She’s pretty cool about it; seems like this has come up before. “Ball,” I say. Two options: if the dog is up and about and walking, doesn’t seem disoriented, you could just watch her. Or take her into the the Animal Emergency Hospital, but that won’t be cheap.
By the time that phone conversation is finished, Stella does seem okay, but I have nagging doubts and want confirmation that we’re not missing something. So Madeline and I took Stella to the Animal Emergency Hospital.
We got there just before 6:00 PM, just as the place was opening up. We were soon joined by a cockateel with a bound egg problem and her owner. So we got to observe that drama as well. Animal emergencies, it turns out, are a lot like people emergencies–there is a lot of sitting around and waiting. After Stella was weighed (8 kilograms), we were directed to an examination room. The assistant looked in Stella’s eyes with a light. Her pubiles dialated independently–check. Next, the assistant took Stella to another exam room, and we couldn’t go with her. “OSHA.” Hmmm.
Then with Stella back, we waited, probably half an hour. Then the vet came in. She explained Stella status–no signs of internal bleed or of bone fractures. She suggested a doggie anti-inflammatory and offered to keep Stella for overnight observation, but didn’t press it.
Just before the vet came in, Dorothea called. “Don’t let them do an x-ray,” she said.
So Stella seems okay. After dropping her and Madeline off at the house, I went to Target and bought four cans of tennis balls.
I think that Stella has forgiven me. Later that night, when she came back from outside, she had the baseball in her mouth, and she dropped in at my feet.

Memorial Footstone

Earth Day 2006 (April 22) some of Thomas’ ashes were buried near his father in St Joseph’s Cemetery in Clarissa, MN. A reception was held afterward at the family farm in Clotho, MN.

Coding, coding….

I have some other entries and some pictures queued up, but haven’t gotten around to posting them. Mostly because I am focused on my class project. Two weeks left. Java. Yikes. I am posting about that to the http://www.schons.net/testblog/.
Also because I haven’t fully recovered from the laptop hard drive failure.
Yesterday was Thomas’ burial in Clarissa. I didn’t attend because of my class. There will probably be some new posts on dragonfly soon.