Christopher’s maple is budding…

…as I look at it from the attic window. Just finished reading (in the bath) Bones of the Master. Recommended to Dorothea by Kess. Makes me want a cup of tea.
Studied yesterday for my exam next Saturday. Feel pitifully prepared. Spent probably equivalent of two full work days on my next project milestone for the class. Am thinking of taking a day off of work next to week to prepare and to go to professor’s office hour. Panicked a bt.
Liam slept up here by himself last night. First time. Tonight will be sister-in-law and family. I want escape, work on project, prepare for exam.
Interesting bit in the paper today about France and labor law. A strategy with an undesirable employee is to put them “in the cupboard” and hope that they leave. I feel that is me, that I am put in the cupboard. That is my fate.

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Letter from Liver Recipient

February 3, 2006
I have sat down many times since I received this most wonderful gift and had my transplant. The surgery was very successful, and I am on my way to recovery. Not being able to come up with the prefect thing to say to make your loss any easier, I am just going to say “Thank You.”
I am sure it must have been a hard decision, but then again maybe not. If there were more people like you in this world it would be a better place. Once again Thank You for this precious gift.
I would like to tell you a little bit about my family and me. My name is Richard but I answer to Dick. I am 61 years old, married for 6 1/2 years. I have 4 children, 8 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. I am retired from the post office. My wife and I reside in South Dakota.
I was on the transplant list for almost one year, most of that year I don’t remember that was how it went for me. I was in and out of the hospital almost every month and sometimes twice in a month. We were called on the day of our 6th wedding anniversary. I was in the hospital then. Surgery was the next morning early.
If everything goes well I expect to find a part-time job within the next couple of months. I am going to travel and visit my family, when that’s done it will be time to settle down and get on with it.
My wife and family also want to let you know how grateful they are for you sharing with them this precious gift.
Thank you,

Saturday is class day

I have my graduate class at the University of Saint Thomas this morning. Don’t those words sound grand–“University” and “graduate?” I just gave up trying to get some stuff done for an assignment. I need to use the laptop here, but at first it was locked up such that I couldn’t reboot to the point where I took the battery out. Then, it took a looonnngg time to reboot. The Norton antivirus scan that runs every time it reboots doesn’t help. And then I had trouble remoting to work, where I have some of the stuff I have been working on. Once I got remoted to work, I couldn’t get the remote web folder from St. Thomas to open up. That all blew about 25 minutes.

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VMWare and Linux

Been playing with Linux and VMWare on the new computer that I bought. So if you are not interested in geeky-techy stuff, be warned. Except to say that going to buy the computer a few weeks ago at General NanoSystems here in the Twin Cities was a trip. I ordered on line a no-frills $400 computer–a “box.” Usually they mail them out, but since they are right here, on University Avenue over by the University of Minnesota, I drove over and picked it up the next day. Walking into their store was like walking into an auto parts store. There was a long counter with five or six guys and racks of parts behind them. Quite bizarre.
On with the techie stuff. My idea was to NOT run Oracle and MS SQL on my laptop for my Distributed Databases class project at the University of Saint Thomas. I wanted to set those up on their own server, ideally with servers running on VMWare.

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