Time of Useful Consciousness

“Time of Useful Consciousness” is the time between the onset of oxygen deficiency and the loss of consciousness. These are the brief moments in which a pilot may save the troubled plane.”
Heard this program on St. Cloud State University’s radio station, KVSC, which was about global warming, and is put out by tucradio.org. Contrast to having just listened to Bill Kling, president of Minnesota Public Radio, (the “Kling-on empire”) explain why Pacifica Radio’s Democracy Now! is not up to his standards, and that’s why MPR will never carry it.

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Blogging from home

On the verge of taking off for Mille Lacs to join my family, which is on an in-law fishing trip. Have to remember to take warm clothes for Dorothea and to bring Liam’s camera.
I have played around with the camera–bought a memory card, rechargeable batteries, and a battery charger. Below are a few of the first pictures that I took. (Learned that it is hard to get in-focus pictures with a dog on a leash.)

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Coffee News

Took a walk this morning, then changed into my work clothes. This is the sort of humidity such that I will break out sweating just being somewhere. Ironically, the basement, which is usually cooler, but in this case humid from the shower that I had taken earlier. There is AC here though.

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Was hailing at the house at 6:00. Still flashes of lightening, but the thunder is far away now. Driving over here, east along Interstate 94, meant that I was driving into the rain. The windshield was fogged up and I was having trouble figuring out the correct combination to clear it–hot or cold?–fresh air or recirculated air? Out of practice with that more traditionally winter activity. The weather prognostication is for 90 degrees. I am not place stock in the long term forecast, but I think they’re right about that.

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Railroad locomotive diesel leak

Liam and I have been pretty lazy, except for the bike ride that we took mid-afternoon. We stopped at my work (he’d never been inside the new place before) and his school (there are two portable classrooms being installed) and at Como Park Zoo. We had lunch, walked through the Japanese Garden. St. Paul is a sister-city with Nagasaki, and there will be a lantern-lighting ceremony on August 21.

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Intrigued with the New York Times Magazine article about machinima, people using multiplayer video games to create videos. The one that they describe in most detail is “Red vs. Blue.” The creators got to know each other as workers at a call center and shared their love of the Xbox video game Halo. Now they have their own company and are producing these things for car commercials.
This just goes to show how passe this whole thing is by the time it?s in the Sunday magazine. In fact, the web site server is inundated. But it made me think of Madeline and her interest in the Sims, AIM instant messaging. I could easily see her getting interested in this form of creativity. In fact, her complaint that the Sims is too slow on our PC got some currency when I realized that the PC is about five years old and didn’t have USB 2.0. Maybe it is too slow. I installed the Sims on the laptop; Liam is playing it now. (We just found the cheat to get more money so he could keep building.)
Also noted today after downloading and install Firefox (again) that a) Firefox said that there was a plugin, macromedia, needed for my page(?) and b) there was an ASCII symbol in the tagboard. Ah-ha–maybe that has something to do with malicious popups? Maybe I should delete the tagboard?
Hopefully, we’re off on our bikes to Como Park Zoo.
Below is the machinima article.

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