Service restored

I posted on Thursday, July 21, and then I wasn’t able to post until this morning, Monday, July 25., my host (really like them, kind of picked them out of a hat, highly recommend them) eventually said that my permissions and access had gotten screwed up and that they’d have to restore from a backup. Of course, on the way, I figure that first, my database was hosed (not the case)and then that my templates were hosed (also not the case.) But scared me enough that I went into phpAdmin and did an export from MySQL, which turned out to be quite easy. Hopefully, I will soon have a nightly cron job set to do the same thing.

Desk, bedroom, AC.

Still 90 outside. Heat Island. As I write this, the blog is down actually. I am into the third email to the provider. Actually scared the pants off me–thinking that I’d lost my index.html (Movabletype Main template) or thought about my database being fried. But I can’t relax yet. Once Upon a Murder; Art Car Parade; Gateway Bike Trail Saturday moning, and this morning driving over to Lake Hiwatha, Dorothea, Stella, and I, and Stella swimming in the lake and otherwise being a pain because of too much stimulus; and, the “high school reunion” at Como Park on Friday evening. I have pictures, and could be working on getting them ready, but I am now going to retire to the torn, worn out, brown naugahide Lazy Boy and continue reading Half-blood Prinnce.
“He wandered off into a long-winded reminiscence.”

Art Car Parade

On Saturday afternoon, we went over to Minneapolis to the Lyndale-Lake Street area to see the art car parade. So that is just a feast of colors. Everyone is clicking away with their digital cameras–some better than others. In chronological order of how we saw them: First, the bowling pin truck
followed by the

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Slept in today. But day and after day, I am getting to sleep later and later, especially as it’s summer, and because Liam is getting older and staying up later. Gone are the days when you could get him in bed, and asleep, by 8:00.

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