Deep into a stretch

Deep into a stretch, a meditation, a breath. In the midst of Dorothea and children at camp. What a gift.
Stell a and I walked down to the river at the end of Summit, and scrambled a bit down the limestone out crop. There were skullers massed on the rive at the foot of the Lake Street bridge. Perhaps a race.
Kudos to whoever left the plastic bowls for water for the dogs by the drinking fountain there. Very good thing.
Two and a half miles that walk.


Raining. Y. Back. Overweight. Hungry. Oh well.
There articles about two St. Paul banks–Western Bank and Bremer Bank. Westernn is small and has been around in a tough neighborhood for one hundred years or so. Bremer Bank–all profits go to the Bremer Foundation.

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200506130725 At Gingko’s. My back is still seriously sore, but much better than Friday, when I could hardly walking. I took Stella for a middling-long walk yesterday, biked the bridges (Lake St. and Ford Parkway) and went to First Avenue for Spoon.

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200506120815 Okay, that’s it. I can’t stand it anymore. I’ve been reading Dark Star Safari by Paul Theroux. It is the narrative of his recent travel through East Africa from Cairo to Capetown. So far, I’ve gotten to Kampala, Uganda, with him–about half way. Uganda is where he was stationed while in the Peace Corps in the mid- to late-sixties.

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