Bike to Como Park Zoo

200505290955 At Dunn Brothers. Took Stella to the river and back, went to Super America and got a gallon of milk because we were out, did the crossword. Read the first chapter to Liam of some book that he pciked out at the bookstore last night. Iced my back while I was doing the crossword and reading to Liam. And I have taken ibuprofen–the first time in days. Dorothea is with her refugee at the zoo.
I told the children to be ready to go on a bike ride at 10:30.

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My new groove

The way it looks, I am into a groove of writing about three days a week and updating those writings to the blog about once a week. I suppose that is okay. I would like to post more frequently. I keep thinking that it would be a good thing if I could post via email, using my pager. But there is an ethical question, since the pager belongs to that bank. Plus, certainly the quality of the writing would suffer even more.

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200505170715 No Y today. There’s the guy behind me, talking to himself. Don’t we all? He just quitely mutters.
Last night I watched the PBS documentary about the Battle of the Bulge. No wonder people end up muttering to themselves. Or each other, on cellphones. I think that show is ten years old, and I think that I have watched it before.

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I am out in the the shed. Our backyard shed that is really more of a little house with an overhead garage door. I have work yesterday and day to get it cleared out and usable. Now, with the shovels, rakes, hoes, and spades racked on the wall and the bicycles, lawnmowers and golf clubs along one wall, two-thirds of the one hundred and forty-four feet is cleared.

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This morning, Dorothea was going off about Norm Coleman, our junior Senator from Minnesota. “Slim bag,sleazy, sleazy, low-life.” “Could you be more specific?” I said. “Why, yes, ‘lickspittle’:toady, flatter.” She got this from reading the Star Tribune article today:

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