Cellphone Suzuki violin duet

While I was sitting here at the diningroom table, catching up on my chess moves, Madeline got out her violin. This is pretty significant (to me, if not her) since yesterday was her last lesson. The expectation is that she is done.
Well, anyway, one of her classmates, who is in Book I Suzuki, called Madeline and said she was having difficulty. So, Madeline got out her violin, found the Book I (which most recently Liam had been using) and played the passage for her friend via speakerphone. Too cute.

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I am at Nina’s, just had a breakfast burrito. When I got to the Y this morning, I realized that I had forgotten my gym bag. So I took a shower and then went for a limp around the neighborhood. I still have some time to “kill” before my 8:45 physical therapy appointment.

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Easter Sunday

Easter is early this year. And March is almost over. The puppy is now nine weeks old, and she is doing much better with pooping and peeing. While she doesn’t know how to ask to go outside yet, with vigilance and a regular schedule getting her outside, the number of “accidents” was only two yesterday and one so far today. And, a couple of those were my fault, not hers. Otherwise, her bladder and bowel control seems to be quite good.

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Almost like the old days

Funny, they’re changing things here at Nina’s Coffeeshop. They’ve moved the coffee airpots behind the counter, painting, adding couches and comfy chairs. Today, I thought “oh, yeah” I wanted to look and see what these breakfast burritos are costing me. But, alas, the board was gone. I ask the woman who was ringing me up where’d the menu board go, and turned around said–I thought–with feined surprise–“Oh, I don’t know.” I can’t get the image out of my head that the owner has taken on a new partner who bent on change.

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Puppy, Day 4

We have got now quite a stack of books on dogs. A lot of the concepts didn’t make as much before as they do now. We have given up on the litter training idea, and instead are bringing her outside more often. Right now, Madeline and the puppy are watching American Idol.

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Puppy, Day 3.

I am pretty impressed. I think this is a very smart dog. Crossing my fingers, but I think we’re on the verge of litter training and kennel training it. Last night was the sceond night, and for the second time, with it’s kennel in our bedroom, It started whining at 4;00 am. I took it out and down to the “litterbox,’ and, after a little face-off, she peed in there. I offered her food and water, but she didn’t drink or eat. The had pat was then I took her back upstairs and put her back in her kennel. She didn’t like that, but I don’t see anyway around it.

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They’re going to get most of it to the south of us, but it is snowing now.
This is that bad memory thing, where I had all these rather simple things that I wanted to note, things I had just though of while in the sauna, and now I can’t remember.

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