Holy caffeine, Batman. I am sitting at Bound to be Read while the children (and Dorothea) are at the Unies. Dorothea is at the end of a stretch of volunteering as a “guide” for the 5th-6th grade sunday school class–a sort of assistant. Since she has been doing that I have been leaving and coming here and looking at books–chess books.

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Chess Mentor

Friday morning and I am home. Shower, cereal, coffee. Liam looking over my shoulder. Poor him. Not enough Rice Krispies or Cheerios to make a bowl combined. Dosen’t like Malto-meal or oatmeal anymore. The frozen toaster waffles were so old that they’d recently been thrown out. Lucky, Dorothea had made two loaves of bread last night. That and some Kefir did the trick.
I continue to work my way through the Chess Mentor program that I bought. I am on lesson two hundread of six hundred or so, starting from very basic beginner. I did that becuase Liam was, well, looking over my shoulder.
When I called about ordering the program, the guy that answered the phone explained that he and a partner originally did the program in the early 1990s. He did the programming and his partner did the chess content. It was sad because he was wheezing and out of breath, I couldn’t help thinking of emphazema. But the idea of creating a software that would keep even a trickle of income seems great.

Ah, Paul McCartney

Ah, Paul McCartney performed at halftime of the Super Bowl. Madeline, Liam, and I watched. “Who’s that?” “Who are they?””Who killed him?””Why?” Yes sir, Sir Paul. He can still perform, though.
Worked from home yesterday. Worked on learning about Java, since my project was still in limbo. But talked to Al yesterday and he’s drawing up a proposed schedule. So away we go again?
The children had an early release day, came home about 2:30, and went to watch a DVD that has come in the mail from Netflix.
Dorothea was back at public health.

Watching people get on the bus

It is snowing this morning. Not much, just enough to cover the grime for awhile.
Watching people get on the bus at the corner outside the coffee shop window and thinking about the differences between buses and trains. The first thing is that there was a line of people waiting to get on, waiting for the person ahead of them to transact their business. On the El or the Metro or subway, lots of wide doors open up and there is no waiting in line. I suppose that could be accomplished with “bus ways? though that is sad.
On the news this morning we find out that Minnesota has lost the offer of matching federal money for designing a commuter rail line from Minneapolis towards (but not even all the way to) St. Cloud. And Pete and I were reminiscing yesterday, nostalgically, about train rides.

Hamline railroad bridge

Funny how I will have all these (seeminly) great ideas for things to write down, up to just a minute before I start writing, and then, Poof. Gone.
Oh yeah. Yesterday at lunch time I went for a walk and walked over to the pedestrian/bike bridge over the tracks at the end of Hamline Avenue. And from there you can see both downtowns. Pretty cool, especially if you like trains. So I would go that way if I walked or rode my bike.


This has been a weekend of walking at Como Park and Zoo, listening to KCRW, and being obsessive-compulsive about playing chess on the internet. All made possible by Dorothea and the children being at Concordia Language Camp for the week.
Oh, and I went to lunch and happy hour with my former co-workers. The threat of getting sucked back into their department seems real since Pete, the brilliant guy who has been holding the world up for them in adverse circumstances, is now leaving–for Target, the retailer-cum Wal-Mart that has it’s headquarters here in the Twin Cities.
The reason that I am concerned about this is that after Pete, I know the most about the mainframe and our application, at least in our little community. But I am a Roger Dangerfield to his Tiger Woods. And, since getting ?kidnapped? to another department last Fall, I don’t want to do that stuff anymore. Not in that group.
In all this there is irony: technology careers, long an endangered species, now shows signs of opening up again. Pete?s going to Target; Richard’s wife, to Wells Fargo; me–somewhere else? Suddenly it seems possible.