Long time, no post. At least a relatively long time. I thought I was going to hit the ground running last Monday, but never did. I have written some, and I will be posting that, “back posting,” but this is the first thing that I’ve put up since the 18th.
Ironic, but my readership has been up, even though I haven’t posted much. (???) But January has been the best month in a year. ‘Course, we’re still talking maybe a couple of people a day, maybe seven on a really hot day. But I find that gratifying.

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Hi mom

Thinking and blogging and wondering if it will go the way of eight track tapes, CB radios, disco, the anti-nuclear movement, the stock market boom
But it has been a great creative outlet for me and a wonderful means to communicate. Like this: Kerri, how are the boys? Martha, we’re back from France; Celine, you should be getting something from us in the mail soon; Aurelia, 4H is great;Jeff, glad you found my site, and thanks for the comment, perhaps we could talk more? Hi Paul. Like that. The irony is that my mom knows nothing about the web.

McGraw and Coltrane

Came into Nina’s and heard a recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations, on e of them anyway. Then I noticed that it sounded slightly alien, at not the version that I am accustomed to listening to. Not Glenn Gould? It seems like this version has more ornamental notes. Not sure.
I weight lifted to Dean McGraw and John Coltrane. And I have been surrounded by music lately, in fact. Maybe it is a winter, inside sort of thing. Bought from Best Buy (why not Circuit City?–don’t have an answer) a little flash memory USB device, about the size of a pack of Wrigley’s chewing gum, which can hold eight hours of music. I am hoping that I can plug it into my computer at work and listen away. (And I could and did.)

‘Cept for You and Me, Babe

Greg Brown song–that’s where the line comes from–“outside it’s raining sheets of rain/everyone’s inside livin’ it up on the internet/seems like no one’s lonely anymore/’cept for you and me, babe.” Or something to that effect. That’s me, my children? More to come later, I suppose.
My current obsession is correspondence chess on a site I have completed twenty games since I started at Christmas time, so I now have an official ranking.

Dishwaher and State Park Camper Cabin

I made a reservation last night for a camper cabin at Savannah Portage State Park for around the time of my birthday. Rose was over, and it is interesting. She and D. are tough sells on state park camper cabins because between the two of them they’ve probably stayed in all of the camper cabins at least once.
The guy came and replaced a part on the dishwasher. Jury is still out if that fixed the loud rumbling sound. There were other issues too, like a drain hose under the sink that had dropped down. And D.’s distressing stories of the repairman.
I was home yesterday morning. Usually I am here (the Y, Nina’s Coffeeshop.) “What are you doing here?” I heard that several times. Felt in the way. Madeline’s glasses frame broke. Liam turned to have some virus that had made his cheeks red. Ah, the day to day drama that I usually miss.

Lake Marie State Park

Drove back from Lake Marie State Park lst night. Liz and Dorothea and the kids were staying the night in a camper cabin. I love the idea of a camper cabin. And I loved being there, but I was also happy to leave and go hoe and sleep in my own bed. I bought a State Park book and an interested in making reservations for the cabins.
Twenty of the sixty-seven parks have them. Some are winterized and open all year. Of those, the one at Lake Marie is the only one that has wood heat.


Way behind schedule. But I guess I am succumbing to the temptations of having a boss who is in Cincinnati, co-workers that are in other states and who are working on other things, annd well, to come in late. Also, the project that I am working on, the guy in charge comes in later as well. So in a way I am adapting to his schedule.

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