Dead letter to myself

Put AAA batteries into my Audible Otis and was listening to Greg Brown and Kevin Bowie while doing the elliptical trainer. Kevin has a song called “Dead Letter to Myself.” That seems to fit perfectly what the this blog is to me.
I was also thinking that this blog is like the conversation that I would have with a friend or relative or significant other if I was in the mood and they were in the mood. A rare occurence. So I just go ahead and blog.
The picture is of an old bus parked not to far from where we live. I thought it looked interesting. Especially with the snow. Click on it (or any photo) to go to the Gallery. There is another snow photo there today too.
The bus is somewhat appropo since at the Y today in the sauna there were a couple jazz musician guys talking about how to do a jazz rendition of “Here Comes the Bride.”

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D’oh moment

Confronting limitations has been the theme lately. Just last night, I was to drive to the in-laws pre-Christmas gathering after work and join my family there. They had left earlier in another car. But not long after I got home, Dorothea called me from the cellphone, and said that I should wait until the morning to go. It was dark and raining. The headlights and the glare would not have been pleasant for me. True enough.

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Talking snow

Raining. Tailk of snow this weekend. In-law family Chirstmas this weekend, for the second year at Camp Courage.
Liam and I watched the Simpsons and then took the van and washed it and vacuumed it. There were lots of leaves on the floor. But the timing was great because the city had swept the leaves off our street that morning. And even more fortunate, unlike when they swept the street last year, all the leaves were off the trees. That is sort of a crap shoot from year to year.

Linux on the laptop in the brown lazyboy in the bedroom

The intensity burst at work today. The project that I have been working on got shifted to another group. So now what I have to get done is difficult, not impossible. And it left me with mixed feelings. What was just mine is now belonging to someone else. That is hard, to give something up. But it is also the case that the person that was causing me the most grieve now has the most work, so there may be poetic justice in it all.

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Armistice Day

200411110640 Armistice Day. One of my favorite days. Given that US troops are currently laying wait a town in Irag, that France recently destroyed the air force of the Ivory Coast, that the news from Dafor in the Sudan is as bad as ever, it would seem that the expected lessons still haven’t been learned.

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