Coffee News Cafe Election Nigh Bingo

Coffee News Cafe. One could come here on Tuesday and play election night bingo. I stopped at Macalaster to use the ATM. The elitism and opulence, as I perceive it, still gives me the creeps. And the beginning of that journey was Saturday morning Tai Chi. That’s the third or fourth time that I’ve got to this year. Left after the stretching. Still haven’t got up the steam to stay for the forms. I am here instead.

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First day at work

Back at Nina’s. I guess that I am adjusted back to the time, or I should be by now. My first day back at work yesterday wasn’t what I expected. Jim and Kent were in my cube not long after I showed up, about nine because I had a dental appointmnet, to say the mainframe regions were broken. And Pete, who’d usually deal with the problem, was out because his wife had her baby the day before. So I spent the morning working on that.
I have a bunch of stuff that I wrote on my Palm while in France, and I will have to start getting that and the pictures posted.
Off to see if I can get a salad from the Mississippi Market food coop. Yesterday I went to Black Bear Crossing with Richard, but can’t keep doing that everyday.


Home. Settling in after returning from trip. One memory, the bad side of traveling, was the sitting in the back of airplanes and the smell of the lavatory. The confinement, the hours of close proximity with so many people.

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Bringing your home to work

Went into work on a Saturday morning hoping to get some work done. So here I am sitting in my cube. (Currently waiting for a file to download.) And I have to laugh or smile or whatever. Someone else also came into work this morning ans is over yonder in another cube. But that guy brought his kids; eight-year old boy of which is running laps, periodically passing my cube.

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