New life

Grumpy kids getting up in the morning. This is a side of things that I am usually spared. M. got up first, which is unusual. She got to yell at L. to get him up. Being home at this time of morning allowed me to make a omelette, have some coffee that D. made before heading off on the bus and the train. Think about Paris, looking at a city map, looking at a map of the Metro, and thinking: this is the sort of place that I should live–a grand city with extensive mass transit.

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first day on the job

first day on the job at the new location. Kind o f a long day. D. gets so focused. I agree that things need to get done, but I am not on her level of focus. She finished painting the shed floor with the prescribed oil-based paint, which I think gives my problems–breathing, sneezing. And she did the high work of paointing and scraping above the frontporch by actually getting on the frontporch roof, something I would never do.

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News in the neighborhood that a man assaulted a twelve-year old girl started on Monday, then it was on the TV news last night, and finally in the newspaper today. Basically, it sucks having to worry about this kind of stuff. Not a brilliant response. But I suppose there is nothing new in this, happens all the time, all over the world.

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St. Paul Classic

Lots to write about. don’t even know where to start. Let’s start with yesterday. Madeline and I did the 15-mile route of the St. Paul Classic. That was her first time. The logistics were amazing from my humble perspective. D. was going to ride with her sister for the full thirty mile route. So my suggestion was that M. and I level early and when we got back D. and her sister coulc take off. But there was still time where L. would be home alone. D. tried but couldn’t find anywhere for him to go. So, she called a neighbor, told em what was going on, and left Theresa’s cellphone with him. So that is a first, L. home alone.

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