Shed demolition

We’ve been going back and forth for years about what to do for home improvement. Well, we’re finally taking action. No $100,000 addition. We’re going to get a new backyard shed.
The contractor was probably going to start in October, but he called and said he’ll be here on Monday. So we’ve got to get the old one out of the way. That was a hard one for me–to shift gears and go out there after dinner. Wasn’t even sure of the how. But once out there, as we were clearing stuff out, I found a pry bar buried in among the shovels. As so I went at it as Dorothea took care of the other stuff. Got the roof off. She got her plants from the gardena and other things either sorted as garbage or Goodwill or under a tarp.


D. and I had a bit of a rau (sp?) over the Gameboy that I bought for M. for her birthday. We had talked about it and had agreed that we’d get one but it would be shared among M., L., and I. I didn’t make a last minute change and gave it to M. with the proviso that she give L. free access to it. That didn’t even last a day. So, after some difficult negotiations, we’re back to the original plan. Of course there is more to the story, hopefully I will get to that later.

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Lifted. My sleep schedule is alll goofed up. I felf like I was up most of the night. I was still downstairs at midnight, up just after six. Either this is a healthy new schedule or a sign of trouble. Not sure which. Even took three of those Shaklee Valarien things.

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Yesterday was my sixth anniversary at the bank. I tried to rally the boys for a beer after work, even got the go ahead from Val for everyone to leave a bit early if there was nothing pressing. Sadly, the whole day had pressing crap in it for everyone, and at three, people still had stuff to do. It was an ominous sign that lunch was delayed earlier in the day.

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Friday 13th

Friday. Cable DSL works now. The first guy, 30 installs per 15 hour day–that one didn’t work. Second guy came out and replaced all cable in the house, probably all the way back to the pole. The house cable was from 1980. Wouldn’t work–probably one-way or something. Said the first guy would be fired. Doubt that. We were definitely the kind of except ion that the first guy–he’s got it right–he, independent contractor, paid by the job–literally couldn’t afford to worry about.

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Living a Seinfeld episode

I am apparently living a Seinfeld episode, or so people tell me though I have never seen it. For DSL hasn’t worked for three weeks. Yesterday there was an appointment for Covad to come and check the lines in my house, 8-12. 12:30, hadn’t shown up or called, and D. took off. the guy left a message on our answering machine at 1:10. In the Seinfeld episode, Kramer calls for repair service everyday and is never home. D. and A. are contemplating a trip to Spain. D. told me about it. I told A.’s spouse. “What’d you that for?” D. asked. Oh well.

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