Pay day

Not a day too soon. Coffers are getting low. Wages stagnet, prices going up. Lifestyle changes as always seem to require discipline that’s hard to come by.
Kerry did a fine job with his acceptance. Thank God. What will the attacks be like? Negative, yes. Reasonable rebuttals? probably not. We’ll see tomorrow.
Lifted, both sets.
D. and I both went to Liam’s last soccer game last night. I think he has done quit well. M. iwas overnighting at GS camp. DSL still down., apparently. I haven’t cycled the router. Hope to leave work early today to take care of stuff like get a cable for the comoputer.

Little League at the Saints

Went to the Saints game yesterday a la Liam’s Little League. That was great though I remembered that I hate sitting out in the bleachers, which is where the little leaguers were congregated. Not so much because of the crummy view as because of the people, I guess. I just feel crowded. Near one of the men’s bathrooms is a quote something like–there is an inverse relationship to the price of the ticket and baseball knowledge of the holder.

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We know that you are out there. We’ve sent you several letters. I see that someone from France has read this blog lately. I assume you. We are coming to France and want to see you but we need to hear from you! Leave us a comment.


T. started at US Bank. Sent me an email yesterday. I’ll have to see if he wants to go for a walk sometime at lunch. down three pounds. And away we go.
Bought a 12 oz. bottle of V8–it’s only 70 calories–SB says you get half that a day. My back feels better. I did some more stretching and a bit of weightlifting this morning.
Took M. to soccer. Sitting in the shade on the west side of that four-square block field is so pleasant in the evening. Sort of daydreamed that I was overlooking a gathering on the savannah. All the running, the social groups.
Finished watching Windtalkers. Addictive action battle scenes. I had the meeting yesterday that I think I dreamed of. I don’t think I gave my boss the answers that she was looking for.

Mom’s 90th bday

In the breakfast room of the AmericInn in Sartell. We must be about the last guests in the motel on a Monday morning. The front desk person and two woman who do the rooms are sitting a table across from me. I just walked across the street to the gas station and bought a 20-oz. coffee for 85 cents, less than half of what I usually pay. My back is feeling better–after a half hour in the hot tub. I strained it playing golf yesterday with my brother-in-law and nephew. On the seventh hole. I had paid for 18, which my sister played in my stead in the afternoon.

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Slides, cigars, golf

No watch and I can’t see the clock, but I think 7:40 is a good guess. Swam 22 laps this morning, though looked like it took 28 minutes, so pretty slow. Very, very poor according to the chart, I am sure.
Dorothea and children returned from Bemidji late yesterday afternoon. Cold and raining up there, and now we’re back to cold and rainy here again.
I hit a large bucket of balls at Highland yesterday. For the driver, I am standing way behind the ball. But it seems to be working. Got and smoked a cigar from Stogies on Grand. This time a CAO Golden Honey. Smoked it in the back yard.
Got started on scanning the photos that we brought home. And D. found a bunch more of old black and whites. So, with those and some from the slides, I should be good.