Glisteny early morning

Bought a day old pastry today. Chocolate filled muffin. Not like I need it. Twas good. The fifty-somethingish woman, tight, law student with the laptop, came in today and someone was already sitting at her usual table.
Me. Sat in the sauna today and talked about water aerobics. The Y is now offering a six in the morning class five days a week. It is now on my radar as something to try. I need to catch some wave here.
Extremely bright and glare-y in here this morning. Glisteny.
Matchsticken last night. That was pretty good. Too easy to see that the Nicolas Cage character was being conned.


So the barrista guy just convinced me to get the Green Machine Juice. Sure, there is a little plankton in there, but it tastes so good. and it is really good if you had a little too much the night before. Not bad. Barrista says what’d ya think? I say it doesn’t taste I thought it would. The new guy Richard started yesterday. these people that just came in look like they just woke up. Anyway, he lives a block away from in an apartment with his wife. The guy looks like Sylvester Stallone. So I have a lot of medical appointment that I have to make. will I finally get to them today? dorothea has an envelope out, addressed and stamped to Celine.

Bloom’s day Part II

Dorothea and the children went camping with Liz. In my post-work life, I layed around and slept. Watched Frontline of “The Forgetting.” Boy is that creepy, make you think that you are doomed.
Played a couple rounds on the trap set this morning, something that I couldn’t in good conscience do if there were people sleeping upstairs.
Yesterday on the news they were talking about the residue from a pesticide plant, closed for sixty years, in the Phillips neighborhood. But yuck. That just makes my skin crawl.
I followed the advice offered by a commentator on the radio about Ulysses and skipped the first three chapters. I must have done that before, because I remember the whole bit about Bloom cooking and eating the kidney and pooping. Not just for that, but I can identify, relate to, understand Bloom. I am forty-five. Reading it now is a different experience than in my twenties. Joyce was younger, I assume, when he wrote it.

Bloom’s day

Heard a commentator on public radio talking about James Joyce’s Ulysses, how today is Bloom’s day, June 15, the date in the story. She had several good comments regarding the readability of the thing–skip to chapter three, the beginning of the bit about Bloom, or start at the end, which is the bit about Molly.
When I got home I went up to the attic to look for the paperback copy of Ulysses that I used to have, and maybe still did. I looked through all the boxes of books in the attic that I could find; no Ulysses.
So this led my impulsive self to, after Madeline’s soccer game, go to the library. As to her soccer game, she did great. Started out as goalie, something she typically willingly volunteers for because it means she doesn’t have to run up and down the field. Followed by her playing defense, her second favorite since one doesn’t have to run very far, comparatively. But, after a while on defense, she got the ball and dribbled it all the way up the field to the opposition goal, may even have taken a shot. Said she was bored with defense, asked the coach to put her in as offense. Unheard of.
Anyway, back to the book. Ulysses wasn’t on the shelve as either hardcover or paperback. Asked the reference librarian. She found that the computer said that Highland branch had a copy, but we’d have to hustle over there to make it before that library closed.
We made it. Madeline certainly was perplexed. I walked into the library, turned to toward the reference desk and barely got out the words “Merriam Park library sent me…” and the guy handed me a hard copy of Ulysses. Eureka!
Then, oddly, when I went ot check it out, the computer didn’t work for that book. So the librarian wrote it down on a postit note, “July 7” which I am using as a bookmark.

Block party avoidance

Took a shower at the Y today because the basement is full of girls that Madeline invited over to conincide with the block party. So things were pretty crazy–girls with water balloons, boys with super soaker squirt guns. I left with the intention of going to my work to pick up a book and my headphones, but once there, suddenly became very interested in this particular task that I had been avoiding–everything just fell into place and I sat and worked on it for a couple of hours. Hmmm?
In the NYT Mag, an interview with Alice Walker’s daughter–and one thing that she said was that if you just let culture happen to you, you will end up fat, broke, and alone. Then there was an article about the books and movies–Super Size Me, Moore’s 9/11, that are anti- what? establishment? corporate? but yet are exploiting and making money from the system. It is such an all inclusive system. You want to rebel? how about a Che Gueverra t-shirt?

Who would Jesus bomb?

As the bumpersticker of the day.
Did a one hour bike ride this morning–a lofroop m my house to the Franklin Street bridge, the Ford Parkway bridge and home again.
Bush is looking pretty bad on the war thing, especially if the Pope is chastising him on it, considering the church’s low bar on the war thing. So apparently the US war in Iraq is not even meetiing the just war doctrine.
So for a todo list I have cut the grass, call Mary about using her saws-all to cut up the swingset, get going on my mom’s pictures for her ninetieth party, get the video off Martha’s carmera (stumped). Just had the idea of posting a todo. Hmm. What a delicious deversion. Also, from the world of work–getting all of Eric’s workstation code on my test server, finishing the bit for the wboot webpage that lists that last time that the whopu_01 table has been updated from John’s files.